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About patrickrutgers

Been gone a long time, but back and chessing on!

Still the happy owner of Provisional Club! Club 171, third largest club on RHP and once and soon to be again home of:
--Non-subscriber tournaments in the forum (banded and non-banded)
--consultation matches…1 2000-rated player vs. 350 not so highly rated players! (game recently ended and annotated by a club member here: Thread 132301.
--Discussion Matches! Two of our players play a game in the forum, discussing their moves with everybody as they go!
--the first ever Club vs. Club Challenge! we did battle against club artistry! it didn't go great, but it was a great idea:
--seeking a Club vs. Club consultation match--our club works out a move together, the other club will do the same...any takers?

Also and of course...I'm founder...and long-time leader (took a break for a year and a half but back now)...of the one...the only...Pale Yellow Star Clan! Clan 25113, pissing people off for eight years! Rated:
#24 in 2009
#34 in 2010
#6 in 2011!!!
#9 in 2012
#48 in 2013
#42 in 2014
#48 in 2015...which I don't think is all that bad considering I wasn't on the site for 10 months of the year!
Currently #14 in 2016!
Refilling our ranks with pale yellow stars who will shoot into the Top 20 in 2016.

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Affiliated Clans

  • Pale Yellow Star Clan!

    20 players who joined a clan when we had pale yellow stars next to our names and we've been playing chess together ever since.

Affiliated Clubs

  • Robert James Fischer Club


  • Provisional Club!

    New to the site? Got a provisional rating? Join us! NON-SUBSCRIBER TOURNAMENTS IN THE PRIVATE CLUB FORUM! This club is for new people! Helpful, friendly, tournaments...all that stuff! Welcome!

  • Personal Chess Training

    Solve problems, compositions, studies & positions from GM games.

  • M U T I


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    Aiming to become a good and enjoyable club.....

  • The Reckless Players

    Players with scattered brains.

  • TSM

    We are who we are.

  • The Jazz Club

    Sweet sounds. Smooth players.

  • 1000-1500 Club

    Fast and slow paced. Thematic tournaments for those who wish to explore openings and gambits.

  • ATHEIST Club

    Positively pro almost everything except of course religion. Loving and enjoying all there is to life.

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