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About PeanutsbySchulz

My name is Hanz, I am 68 and live midway between Ottawa and Montreal (100 km either direction) on 40 acres. I played a lot of chess in high school and university but then hardly any for a long time. An old high school buddy put me in touch with this site so here I am. I tend to chat when I play and am interested in travel and learning about other parts of the world.

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Games Played2820
In Progress12
All Moves109908
Moves This Month57
Tourn. Entry Rating1632
Vacation rem' 202336 days

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2790 games


1395 games


1156 games


239 games

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119 games


61 games


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Highest Rating163517161716
Average Rating156415871573
Lowest Rating151214711414
Opponent Average Rating154815511533
Games Rated442251129
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