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About PhySiQ

Hello fellow Chess heads!

Welcome to my silly little profile. I welcome all players! Good players, bad players, mean players; and cute players. It doesn't much matter what type of Chess player you are - we're all friends. If you'd like to play with me, send me a message (I don't do silent games!). I am gracious enough to lose to just about anybody! I prefer 7/14 time controls.

I enjoy the English but will play the Reti or Queens Pawn when I feel so inclined (I play all three rather similarly anyway). As black I enjoy an occasional Sicilian, and French - but my heart is in the Queens Indian.

Best of luck chaps!


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21 games

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10 games

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11 games

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Games Played27
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All Moves877
Moves This Month0
Tourn. Entry Rating1905

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21 games


12 games


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6 games

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1 games


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Highest Rating191419141914
Average Rating190919091909
Lowest Rating190519051905
Opponent Average Rating180418041804
Games Rated102121
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