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About procyk

If I am tired or nervous, I go and play chess. I will loose many games, but that is not important. You play and you forget about worries.
Chess is similar to life. Here and there sacrifice is in order. Without that, hardly we could expect a success. Do not be afraid to sacrifice.

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6716 games

As White

3333 games

As Black

3383 games

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All Games Played6839
In Progress45
All Moves207136
Moves This Month650
Tournament Entry Rating2013

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6716 games


3859 games


2180 games


677 games

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211 games


56 games


90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating200820182082
Average Rating191119131906
Lowest Rating184218111731
Opponent Average Rating167316141643
Games Rated1176452315
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Tournament Victories

SchliemannBlackmar AcceptedKing's Gambit acceptedTwo knights defence Bogolyubov variation TournamentKing's gambit accepted TournamentTraxler tourneyKing's gambit accepted TournamentDanish gambit TournamentDanish gambit TournamentTwo knights defence Bogolyubov variation TournamentQGD Slav Tolush-Geller gambit TournamentDanish gambit TournamentBenko gambit half accepted TournamentDanish gambit TournamentBenko gambit half accepted TournamentBenko gambit half accepted TournamentScotch Goering gambit TournamentKing's gambit accepted TournamentKing's gambit accepted TournamentKing's gambit accepted TournamentKGD Falkbeer, Morphy gambit TournamentThrow down in Chi townLipkuh-who?!Ice Ice BabyFor crazy people onlyKGD Falkbeer, Milner-Barry variation TournamentBudapest Alekhine variation, Balogh gambit TournamentBird From gambit, Lasker variation TournamentVienna Fyfe gambit TournamentSicilian Smith-Morra gambit, Chicago defence TournamentDanish gambit TournamentQGA, Bogolyubov variation TournamentKGD Mafia defence TournamentQGA, 4.e3 TournamentDanish gambit Schlechter defence TournamentQGD Albin counter-gambit TournamentUlvestad variation 2x4Budapest Gambit TournamentFred TournamentTime to play :)Four knights Belgrade Gambit TournamentDanish Gambit TournamentIrish (Chicago) Gambit TournamentReti Pirc-Lisitsin Gambit TournamentDanish gambit Schlechter DefenseFrench MacCutcheon, Grigoriev variationFrench Winawer, Alekhine gambitFrench Advance, Milner-Barry gambitKing's gambit accepted 3/0 octagonQueen's GambitNimzo-Indian Leningrad, b5 gambitSicilian Sozin attackSicilian Najdorf, Poisoned pawn variationCaro-Kann Rasa-Studier gambitQueen's GambitIrish (Chicago) gambitQueen's pawn Charlick (Englund) gambit TournamentVienna Zhuravlev countergambitQueen's pawn Bronstein gambitPirc Austrian attack, Ljubojevic variationScotch Relfsson gambitKing's Indian Six pawns attackSicilian Canal-Sokolsky attack, Bronstein gambitDutch Stonewall with Nc3Caro-Kann Hillbilly attackEpisode VI: Return of the JediSicilian Smith-Morra gambit, Chicago defenceStar Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes BackCaro-Kann Tartakower (fantasy)Queen's GambitAttack of the ClonesThe Phantom Menace - episode IHappy New Year 2014Queen's gambitKGA Cunningham, Three pawns gambit Oct 12 XIIBlackmar-Diemer gambit Oct 12 XIIFantasy logo series: Budapest gambit2011/11 splitLive and Let DieDutch, Spielmann gambitQuick octetKing's gambit acceptedQuadratic DuelsGambit 3: AudreySophie gambit 1 IFoursome Duel VIGambit 1. Albin counter gambitThe World Is Not EnoughTomorrow Never DiesThe Man with the Golden GunUltimate August ChallengePatience Minds DuelMichael JacksonINDEPENDENCE DAY VFrom Russia with Love IIDie HardThe Magnificent SevenOctet III