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About SculptorBloke

Published Author of science/fantasy books. First three novels, Dark Dragon (£6.89, free postage if you buy two.) Wizard's Wrath and Stone Sorcerers, available on Amazon along with a book of Children's Poems. Just type - Paul M Chafer, Paperback Dark Dragon - into the Amazon search engine. Also available on Kindle at only 99 pence.

Also fond of artwork, creating metal sculptures, drawings and paintings and woodwork. Currently writing my first quartet of Science/Fantasy books, first three available on Amazon, see above, the fourth book, split into two parts, Damned and Awakened is called Dreadnoughts Rising and will be publihsed in 2018.

In my downtime I enjoy playing chess, reading, listening to rock music and I'm also interested in cutting edge science exploring the universe.

For fast paced games, see Kanap, Moxlonibus, celtictiger, Lukavich and Fiddlewoodkid

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