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Used to dig gold for a hobby, every once in awhile i even found enough to pay for beans n' gas [ no pun intended......well maybe just a little ]. Made 67 ( barely ) n' fooled 'em ALL!! Livin' in sin w/My German Woman. The kid is long grown, so it's all good from here on out. I like small pets ( easier to fit on the grill ). Don't care 'bout vacation flags, i take time outs. After i take yours i don't want to see any whining, crying and sniveling notes about it. I don't whine, snivel, bitch and moan to players and i don't like it done to me! If you can't play by the rules and w/in the parameters of the game? Find another game and play that one! Period! And for all you out there not collecting your social security yet? I'm spending it now so forget about it .....

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Moves This Month1883
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