Sicilian Smaug

Rating 1875

Accepting challenges from rated over 2550
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About Sicilian Smaug

SS, Watford. I've been playing chess since I was 7, nearly 30 years ago. My interest in the game varies over different years. Former chess books studier, tactics puzzle fanatic and OTB for Ealing chess club, I now prefer pushing virtual wood on here as an in between other tasks activity as well as the occasional casual OTB game over beers.

"The Queen, on an open board, feels such an aversion towards the most manly figure on the board, the opponent's King, that she will not allow him more than one space away, is filled in attack with some kind of dark desire, and dreams only of how she can steal into the castled dwelling and there fold the King in a close and deadly embrace". V.Vukovic - The Art of Attack in Chess.

I will use chess opening databases often during openings, I will never refer to chess engines during our games, as per site rules and would ask for the same in return. Thanks, S. Smaug.

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3335 games

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1630 games

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1705 games

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Games Played3464
In Progress0
All Moves96595
Moves This Month0
Tourn. Entry Rating1875

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3335 games


2254 games


843 games


238 games

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274 games


66 games


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Highest Rating207420972097
Average Rating201220021959
Lowest Rating187518751784
Opponent Average Rating181917571740
Games Rated30149224
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