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About spartangreek

No longer semi retired. Will work until I die. Rather wear out than rust out! Enjoy playing chess, walking the dogs, and living life to it's fullest, one day at a time! I've played chess all of my life and should be a lot better than I am, but what matters is the enjoyment one gets from the game, without taking it too seriously. I do like to keep the games moving along in accordance with the time limits. I do not send out reminders and will take skulls, unless you're on my "buddies" list, so plan your games around your vacations.

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23203 games

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11290 games

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All Games Played23663
In Progress200
All Moves727888
Moves This Month7664
Tournament Entry Rating1249

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23203 games


7491 games


15292 games


420 games

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1621 games


285 games


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Highest Rating128612921606
Average Rating113511421150
Lowest Rating1002971824
Opponent Average Rating128112901359
Games Rated1018397413718
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