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Enjoy chess, can't be doing with those players that play 1 move then disappear, like to get a game going,

Or those SKANKS who disappear to check the internet to see were to go next, THEY ARE CHEATS,

Also getting fed up with people who only play now and again, i will NOT NOW send e-mail reminders, if you can't be bothered to play, then its up to you.

I WILL TAKE TIME OUTS, especially in tournaments.


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2018 January welcome sailjohn1 to club2017 December octet2017 December welcome back VICKY21 to club2017 March quads 22016 January welcome PaulMorphyFan to club2017 January Octet 82017 January Club Championship2016 December welcome spartangreek to club2016 September Welcome Zorromoody to club2016 June Youth Day in South Afriva2016 March tournament champion2016 February need another tournament?2016 February another octet2016 January TSchabo welcome2016 January start of year2015 December 3 days before ChristmasNov 2015 Veteran's Day tournament2015 Changing of the Seasons Tournament2015 September Hippopotamus defence TournamentKGA Allgaier, Horny defence Tournament July 2015June 2015Caro-Kann Bronstein-Larsen variation Tournament 2015KGA Muzio gambit, Paulsen variation TournamentRuy Lopez Closed, Chigorin, Yugoslav system Tournament, 2015Nimzo-Indian 4.e3, Main line Sprint TournamentGruenfeld Spassky variation, Main line, 13.Bd3 Tournament 2015Reti King's Indian attack, French variation TournamentWinters End 2015English Four knights, Romanishin variation TournamentCatalan Closed, Spassky gambit TournamentAugust Skull Duel 2014Bogo-Indian defence, Monticelli trap TournamentPirc bayonet (Mariotti) attack TournamentJube 2014All Ratings April Championship 2014English Bremen, reverse Dragon TournamentRating Tournament 800 - 1000English Bremen, reverse Dragon TournamentDecember Tournament 2QGD Stonewall variation Tournament ALL RATINGSReti Lisitsin gambit deferred TournamentEnglish Symmetrical, hedgehog system TournamentAll Ratings Tournament For JulyHungarian defence TournamentTwo knights defence Blackburne variation TournamentChampionship for Rating 600 to 1000Spring Tournament March of 2013Valencia Opening TournamentEnglish Four knights, Romanishin variation TournamentLong Haul larger TournamentBanded Duel IIIOpen TournamentOpen TourneyBanded mini tournament1stNew tournament for January 2012Mini Banded Duel IITournamentOne Zero Split ITournament ITournament IITournament IMini Banded OctetFried Liver Attack Mini Banded OctettourneyMini Banded Octet IMini Quartets IIBanded Octet VIEnd June TournamentThe Dark Tower Pt.7Mini Quartets IIIMini Banded Duel IMini Quartets IOctet IICHRISTMAS UNDER 1000 FUNOctet I