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About venda

I am 70, born and bred in Yorkshire, England & retired.I play on most days if I am at home but not necessarily in every game.I try to play in at least one game against an opponent showing a green light. If my opponent replies, I am likely to carry on with that game to give some continuity
When I'm away I don't use the vacation flag until timeout is a possiblity.
After all that's what it's really for -timeout protection.
Therefor, if I don't move for a while I'm probably away
Don't mind light hearted banter during my games but nothing too serious please.
I don't send skull reminders, or take skulls unless it's obvious the opponent has stopped playing.For me, the site is all about playing chess for fun,not winning games although I always try to win of course
I've never lost a game by timeout

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