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Accepting challenges from rated 1300 to 1499
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About wanderm

I try.

I do take skulls when it's fair to do so. However with all respect to the clock (even a slow one) we both have stuff unrelated to chess, so I'd appreciate some restraint when the outcome is unclear.

For what it's worth I will not consider myself defeated where you decide to take a timeout when you're objectively losing. This happens often enough, from players of all levels who really should know better, that I'm inclined to say online correspondence chess isn't for me. I suppose it be no great loss.

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Tourn. Entry Rating1199

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1018 games


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73 games


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Average Rating107611591225
Lowest Rating997997997
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Games Rated2782725
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  • Highest Rating excludes provisional (first 20) games.
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