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About Yessian Robinson

Hi all Redhotpawn family members.
Nice to get connected with all of you.
I believe I can respond to your moves at the earliest as long as I am online.
Prefer to play online instant games also. Earlier used to make lots of mistakes in a hurry. Now slightly better. However you will definitely enjoy your game with me. Definitely will not make you wait.
Come on let's have some fun.

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1418 games

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855 games

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563 games

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Games Played1463
In Progress11
All Moves53793
Moves This Month422
Tourn. Entry Rating1305

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1418 games


591 games


758 games


69 games

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45 games


3 games


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Highest Rating130813821437
Average Rating126912801292
Lowest Rating122112031161
Opponent Average Rating123813271337
Games Rated231751281
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  • Highest Rating excludes provisional (first 20) games.
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