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yo its me

Rating (1093)
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About yo its me

Aged soul with burning cast iorn core living under rough skys full of rainbows.
Been playing chess for around three dacades, made all real improvements during the first.
If I was an island, a freely govened island, I'd be socalist and it would work fantastically.

Please don't go timing me out, I have every intension of making a move just the days go by very fast and before I get a chance to play a week's gone by!

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1793 games

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796 games

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997 games

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All Games Played1965
In Progress8
All Moves58559
Moves This Month0
Tournament Entry Rating1093

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1793 games


678 games


1065 games


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57 games


184 games


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Highest Rating109710971097
Average Rating1095939836
Lowest Rating1093797653
Opponent Average Rating117612231042
Games Rated228198
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