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*Joined RHP on 10/27/2005!
*So, you are beating me. Of course, you have to prove you are beating me! I still have a few tricks available! 🙂
*Retired & able to play during the day. So, you may be ahead on moves for the month, are you ahead at overall? 🙂
*Take challenges from players 1200-1800 Prefer 1-day Timeouts!

*They copied all they could follow
but they couldn't copy my mind
so I left them sweating and stealing
a year and a half behind.
Rudyard Kipling

*Who likes to lose? I shall continue playing until I do not have enough pieces to Checkmate or when I see a potential Draw or Stalemate. You need to prove to me that you have a winning game! Normally, I like to resign one move before Checkmate. If I get Checkmated, I overlooked the Checkmate move! If you offer me a Draw, I hope you really think there is a Draw. If I do not accept your Draw offer, I believe the position has the potential of me winning, I may lose in the process!
*There are 3 stages to the Royal Game: Opening, Middle, and Ending. So, you win the first two, but can you win the Ending?😀
*What is worse than losing your Queen, losing your KING!
*On 083118, 24,000 moves were made for the month!

😲1.6M 071818
1.5M 010618
1.4M 062317
1.3M 091516
1,234,567 - 032716 against Aspasia!
1.2 M 122715
1,111,111th 061915 against Aspasia!
1.1M 051015
1M 092314 against my RHP Chess Playing Friend Aspasia 38. Qd2xe2 Game 10656124!
.9M 040114
.8M 091413
.7M 021013
.6M 041712
.5M 072911😲
*Chess like love, like music has the power to make men happy-Dr S Tarrasch😀
*FIDE Motto-Gens Una Sumus-We are one people
*Life Member-Texas Chess Association (TCA) & United States Chess Federation (USCF)
*Member of the Waco, TX Chess Club

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Moves This Month8226
Tourn. Entry Rating1579

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43927 games


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3528 games

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Games Rated1470510422388
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    The Buena Vista Chess Club - Join the Revolution! 5 Clan members or more with similar player ratings. All challenges without 5 team members or more and level rating challenges shall be declined.

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