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*Joined RHP on 10/27/2005!
*So, you are beating me. Of course, you have to prove you are beating me! I still have a few tricks available! ๐Ÿ™‚
*Take challenges from players 1200-1800 Prefer 1-day Timeouts!
*They copied all they could follow
but they couldn't copy my mind
so I left them sweating and stealing
a year and a half behind.
Rudyard Kipling
*A chess friend used to say: "Would of, Could of, Should of." So, live with your move!
*Who likes to lose? I shall continue playing until I do not have enough pieces to Checkmate or when I see a potential Draw or Stalemate. You need to prove to me that you have a winning game! Normally, I like to resign one move before Checkmate. If I get Checkmated, I overlooked the Checkmate move! If you offer me a Draw, I hope you really think there is a Draw. If I do not accept your Draw offer, I believe the position has the potential of me winning, I may lose in the process!
*There are 3 stages to the Royal Game: Opening, Middle, and Ending. So, you win the first two, but can you win the Ending?๐Ÿ˜€
*What is worse than losing your Queen, losing your KING!
*On 083118, 24,000 moves were made for the month!

๐Ÿ˜ฒ1.6M 071818
1.5M 010618
1.4M 062317
1.3M 091516
1,234,567 - 032716 against Aspasia!
1.2 M 122715
1,111,111th 061915 against Aspasia!
1.1M 051015
1M 092314 against my RHP Chess Playing Friend Aspasia 38. Qd2xe2 Game 10656124!
.9M 040114
.8M 091413
.7M 021013
.6M 041712
.5M 072911๐Ÿ˜ฒ
*Chess like love, like music has the power to make men happy-Dr S Tarrasch๐Ÿ˜€
*FIDE Motto-Gens Una Sumus-We are one people
*Life Member-Texas Chess Association (TCA) & United States Chess Federation (USCF)
*Member of the Waco, TX Chess Club

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All Games Played44188
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Moves This Month19953
Tournament Entry Rating1595

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43257 games


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Octet IIIJune 5thSpeed Kings Onlycaught in the crossfireThe Knights who say 'Ni!'SixteenPlayersStrong2018 Rocks FebruaryBeefeater defence TournamentPopeye 2017 Banded ChampionshipsPete Wilson MemorialReti King's Indian attack, Spassky's variation TournamentFrench Advance, Nimzovich system TournamentAmsterdam attack TournamentPlay Magnus Carlsen's Favorite OpeningsPlay Magnus Carlsen's Favorite OpeningsPOPEYE: HIPPOPOTAMUS DEFENSEPOPEYE: BANDED BIRD SWISS GAMBITPOPEYE: BLOW YOU DOWNQuartets IIMUTI FAST OCTETOctet IIITOD Crazy Skulls 9 20168 in Aprilfast eight end of MarchThe Patriots St. Patricks day TornamentTOD RBHILL's Challenge: e6Anti-Borg (Desprez) Opening TournamentTOD Marathon 8 2015MUTI fast under 1800 octet august 20155TOD Marathon 3 2015TOD Crazy Skulls 22 2015MUTI under 1800 octetWC Philippines Championship (4's)TOD Crazy skulls 34 2014Queen's Gambit RAPIDGrob Fritz gambitTOD The Wednesday Gambit I: King's Gambit Accepted (C33)TOD Crazy skulls 23 2014TOD Crazy skulls 22 2014TOD Crazy skulls 21 2014TOD RBHILL's Challenge: a4TOD RBHILL's Challenge: e3TOD RBHILL's Challenge: e4TOD RBHILL's Challenge: c4TOD RBHILL's Challenge: h3TOD RBHILL's Challenge: Nh3TOD Crazy skulls 20 2014Vienna Frankenstein-Dracula variationWC Spain Championship (3's)TOD The Sunday Spanish I: Ruy Lopez, Anderssen Variation (C77)TOD The Saturday Sicilian II: Dragon, 6.Be3 Variation (B72)Ponziani counter-gambit, Cordel variationPonziani counter-gambitTOD Crazy skulls 14 2014QP counter-gambit (elephant gambit)The Patriots World Peace TournamentBird's Opening, Swiss gambit Tournament under 1650 duelMUTI duel 2014MUTI duel 2014TOD Crazy skulls three 2014Sicilian Nimzovich-Rossolimo attack, Gurgenidze variationMUTI under 1650 quick on the drawQGD Slav Winawer counter-gambitmuti mega fast openTwo knights defence Blackburne variation TournamentMUTI ALPHABET 1C_CARO KANNTOD Crazy skulls VITOD Crazy skulls IMUTI OPEN LONG PULL OCTETPhilidor's defence TournamentMini Duel II IMUTI English Ultra SymmetricalCaro-Kann Tartakower (fantasy) variationReti Opening RAPIDLonghaul Octet IVMUTI Banded Bird KnockoutMUTI Banded Bird KnockoutCrazy skulls IVCrazy skulls IIICrazy skulls IMini Duel VSicilian Rubinstein counter-gambitMUTI French Advance Variation KOMUTI French Advance Variation KO2013 Mid-year Champ: King's gambitMUTI Under Sixteen Hundred Banded KOMUTI Double Kings PawnBudapest defence May 13TOD April 2013 Standard I (Triple Threat)Long Haul Split INimzo-Indian Leningrad variation TournamentTOD April 2012 Player's Choice IIITOD April 2012 Player's Choice ITOD April 2012 Crazy skulls IIIBird From gambitQGA Schwartz defenceTOD February 2012 Weekly IIITOD January 2012 Crazy skulls XIITOD January 2012 Variation VITOD January 2012 Crazy skulls IITOD January 2012 Crazy skulls IRP January Blast TriosTOD December 2011 Variation ITOD December 2011 Standard ITOD December 2011 Crazy skulls IITOD November 2011 Standard ITOD October 2011 Standard IITOD October 2011 Marathon ITOD September 2011 Triple threat IITOD September 2011 Fatal Fourway IIOh Susanna Trio Pt. 5 VCrazy skulls #2TEARS IN HEAVEN In memory of (loved ones lost too soon)THREE DOG "KNIGHT"RHPUT!!!!!!!!!!!One Zero Split ILonghaul Octet IIILonghaul Octet VIMini Banded Octet ILong Haul Split IILong Haul Split IQuartets IQuartets III1200 - 1399 ONLYMUSIC MASHSeven/Seven Octet I