NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberguillermo6661447130871847811215 May '21 22:06Challenge Player
Standard memberumshak13792008121066713115 May '21 15:21Challenge Player
Standard membercharlycordero197713582570704153832815 May '21 04:06Challenge Player
Standard memberJaimep1645541012 May '21 22:33Challenge Player
Standard memberJotacep1200000015 Jan '21 13:57Challenge Player
Standard memberDreamworx347p81811011003 Sep '20 00:30Challenge Player
Standard memberAlvarado2008p1200211021 Aug '20 16:29Challenge Player
Standard memberclavijohenry16588385172833806 May '20 17:00Challenge Player
Standard memberPedro the lionp143514131030 Apr '20 19:44Challenge Player
Standard memberBpcgp1200404009 Apr '20 00:10Challenge Player
Standard membermurphy081764150102341416 Jan '20 23:34Challenge Player
Standard memberAlejandro Bermeo Quitop1200000030 Nov '19 21:07Challenge Player
Standard memberPanconsalp1200000003 Aug '19 14:29Challenge Player
SubscriberRuben Panob14914401992113020 Jun '19 22:13Challenge Player
Standard memberPAT YANEZ1668157284152021127 Dec '17 00:12Challenge Player
Standard membererickyanez201244502025527 Sep '17 01:10Challenge Player
Standard memberJacquesO9218533794581608 Sep '17 21:30Challenge Player
Standard memberBJFloresp1200110010 Oct '16 14:43Challenge Player
Standard memberRubencho163315598471027 Dec '15 12:38Challenge Player
Standard memberXMJAp1650761006 Jun '15 17:42Challenge Player
Standard membercaroerick2005227017013972414 Apr '15 14:40Challenge Player
Standard memberLATITUDE 018062104123558128809 Mar '15 16:44Challenge Player
Standard memberVictorHEcuador1428230130891115 Dec '14 15:03Challenge Player
Standard memberNicolle97p1200211002 Jul '14 15:10Challenge Player
Standard memberMasterErick1597563614609 Jan '14 00:38Challenge Player
Standard membericutyou13243952151473315 Jul '13 22:26Challenge Player
Standard memberGriffGreenp1200431016 May '13 14:11Challenge Player
Standard memberHCPSp1200110025 Apr '13 02:42Challenge Player
Standard memberKevin Llerena1133351221220 Mar '13 01:06Challenge Player
Standard memberjorgeeriquep1200211027 Jan '13 04:28Challenge Player
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