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Chess Player Directory for Antigua And Barbuda

Chess Player Directory for Antigua And Barbuda

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member dappermystic1379116154351010815 Aug '18 05:29Challenge Player
Subscriber physurfer129241071939199916914 Aug '18 12:33Challenge Player
Standard member t dog00015814112681311216 May '18 18:00Challenge Player
Standard member BustyBeaver138711985225869028 Jan '17 18:33Challenge Player
Standard member Bob Gelumphp 1115615030 Mar '10 11:34Challenge Player
Standard member Shannoup 1200202015 Jun '09 10:59Challenge Player
Standard member Zeke071190201010012 Jan '09 15:49Challenge Player
Standard member dixiebimbop 11861129029 Sep '08 18:43Challenge Player
Standard member nhicnhac1359824333622 Aug '08 22:50Challenge Player
Standard member kennyakakg9999541834214 Apr '08 17:12Challenge Player
Standard member kurtosisp 156620135224 Mar '08 05:46Challenge Player
Standard member ANNATARp 1200202015 Mar '08 21:58Challenge Player
Standard member melon0756446046012 Mar '08 10:42Challenge Player
Standard member ALNILAMp 1200321022 Feb '08 22:54Challenge Player
Standard member Kilovagipocalypsep 1200202019 Feb '08 18:50Challenge Player
Standard member Robiebc108631724010 Feb '08 01:50Challenge Player
Standard member mika17p 1200110002 Jan '08 16:57Challenge Player
Standard member killer1265337037024 Oct '07 04:35Challenge Player
Standard member James Bradford Ryderp 795606010 Sep '07 15:33Challenge Player
Standard member iloveyoubabyp 1063808030 Apr '07 03:22Challenge Player
Standard member chongychongyp 1200211015 Apr '07 15:02Challenge Player
Standard member badgreg77p 1200101017 Mar '07 15:43Challenge Player
Standard member Big Broad Oak Benp 1200404028 Feb '07 00:52Challenge Player
Standard member daemonturkp 1200320107 Feb '07 14:02Challenge Player
Standard member wannabelosingmarcbp 1200202021 Jan '07 15:07Challenge Player
Standard member warwasp 1200101021 Jan '07 03:27Challenge Player
Standard member evadp 1092716014 Jan '07 19:28Challenge Player
Standard member KochamKamilep 1200220009 Dec '06 00:41Challenge Player
Standard member sam1buca1194351520004 Dec '06 15:22Challenge Player
Standard member Glassesp 10191109231 Oct '06 06:19Challenge Player

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