Heard and Mc Donald Islands

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard membergeraldgamer111642339026 Jul '21 23:56Challenge Player
Standard memberFairValueUpliftp1199906326 Sep '19 08:02Challenge Player
Standard memberel lagartop12561485116 May '18 15:12Challenge Player
Standard memberBranislav Suki10343621432051401 Nov '17 10:32Challenge Player
Standard memberKungFro13801245664427 Oct '17 18:08Challenge Player
Standard memberGM jabbathehutp84411011026 Apr '17 14:38Challenge Player
Standard membersmelly feet1111873547511 Mar '14 02:48Challenge Player
Standard membernesta931304223108106923 Jan '14 18:35Challenge Player
Standard memberjohnboy66p1200202015 Aug '13 08:22Challenge Player
Standard memberlittlerdog1005782157022 Feb '13 16:59Challenge Player
Standard memberKlavier Ankp1200101017 Dec '12 00:45Challenge Player
Standard memberPocketVetoPawn1037411328031 Oct '12 03:18Challenge Player
Standard memberMicimacko757p952716017 Mar '12 18:09Challenge Player
Standard memberiainthavingthatp1087615007 Jan '12 21:20Challenge Player
Standard memberKwehp1200312024 Aug '11 05:06Challenge Player
Standard memberjusgoop1200110010 Jul '11 18:07Challenge Player
Standard memberthelastbishop107641831210 Jun '11 20:26Challenge Player
Standard memberweltanschauungp1200202009 Jan '11 05:01Challenge Player
Standard memberwalterironp12241586127 Apr '10 02:27Challenge Player
Standard memberhendrix64p1200110022 Mar '10 21:30Challenge Player
Standard memberbenbwrightp1079624014 Mar '10 07:42Challenge Player
Standard memberdarrenfong1321904543213 Feb '10 23:04Challenge Player
Standard memberJordonMp1200431023 Oct '09 07:00Challenge Player
Standard membercheckmate bitchp1243624002 Sep '09 15:00Challenge Player
Standard memberSuck my balls Rup1200110004 Jul '09 23:57Challenge Player
Standard memberThe Jp792918028 Jun '09 15:32Challenge Player
Standard memberpongopongo12081797997315 Apr '09 14:53Challenge Player
Standard memberiateabigredcandle1244754134006 Sep '08 13:09Challenge Player
Standard membermsurlsp11321367023 Jul '08 02:42Challenge Player
Standard membermjgday110023617018 Jun '08 10:45Challenge Player
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