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Chess Player Directory for Vatican City State (Holy See)

Chess Player Directory for Vatican City State (Holy See)

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber stiffmiddlefinger1177145817099697650619 Sep '18 22:05Challenge Player
Standard member GhostofMarmorstein1941236182381603 Feb '18 03:23Challenge Player
Standard member Skullface10871317060117 Jan '18 10:22Challenge Player
Standard member popespenis26452052008 Oct '17 22:08Challenge Player
Standard member JosephSambuca1311864640012 Feb '17 18:10Challenge Player
Standard member Moldy Crow14553762161441630 Jan '17 01:58Challenge Player
Standard member ThePriest12851266557413 Oct '16 17:07Challenge Player
Standard member KestrelChess1456603424214 Jul '16 01:51Challenge Player
Standard member nholbertonp 136215114001 Feb '16 10:09Challenge Player
Standard member Joshuabennett902381024429 May '15 20:24Challenge Player
Standard member Paolo Rebaptisto11601216649625 Apr '15 09:10Challenge Player
Standard member coyote Siouxp 1200303022 Mar '15 03:43Challenge Player
Standard member fumofop 1008615028 Jan '14 02:54Challenge Player
Standard member SOTC1124270776719241624 Dec '13 05:32Challenge Player
Standard member Aav6OUxz148458447716 Sep '13 13:21Challenge Player
Standard member soalicesaysp 1200101013 Aug '13 01:10Challenge Player
Standard member Magical Pink Pony265482622030 Jul '13 17:18Challenge Player
Standard member retractor1202532330003 Apr '13 15:32Challenge Player
Standard member ChubbyEnd1188246114125717 Aug '12 06:26Challenge Player
Standard member bob0005551314221210029 Jun '12 01:31Challenge Player
Standard member Sherpa89126013559651124 May '12 18:55Challenge Player
Standard member WWIIIp 885606022 May '12 05:53Challenge Player
Standard member ChristKillerp 1200110029 Apr '12 19:55Challenge Player
Standard member Grrrrrrrrr11701285076229 Apr '12 11:02Challenge Player
Standard member N Np 1200321014 Apr '12 19:05Challenge Player
Standard member ElDuderino106924915013 Apr '12 07:44Challenge Player
Standard member MostMackinest129320513762627 Dec '11 20:01Challenge Player
Standard member Bishop of Rome1451643922317 Nov '11 03:02Challenge Player
Standard member rheikabisous96316486329674921 Sep '11 02:36Challenge Player
Standard member rwromap 1013835018 Sep '11 20:34Challenge Player

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