NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriberjecidi144836321734156633221 Jan '22 00:36Challenge Player
Standard memberg4rs1618160117331020 Jan '22 23:12Challenge Player
Standard memberucme22217154951592409620 Jan '22 22:54Challenge Player
SubscriberFMF103410893956751920 Jan '22 16:25Challenge Player
Standard memberknightsmasher24p1200303002 Dec '21 17:16Challenge Player
Standard membersaidahp1200101025 Oct '21 01:03Challenge Player
Standard memberahandono200016621098421419 Oct '21 22:46Challenge Player
Standard memberSafwan Harup1200505005 Jul '21 23:21Challenge Player
Standard memberBali Jettyp1200000007 Jun '21 06:24Challenge Player
Standard membererfunp1200110003 Jun '21 01:27Challenge Player
Standard memberliebe04p1200101020 May '21 18:04Challenge Player
Standard memberP DuKK90933231009 May '21 08:55Challenge Player
Standard memberLily80p1200202026 Mar '21 21:13Challenge Player
Standard memberKuacitemp1200000026 Mar '21 17:59Challenge Player
Standard memberin5ulinp1200000026 Mar '21 17:36Challenge Player
Standard memberBagusp115117710025 Mar '21 10:22Challenge Player
Standard membertakrisp1200101024 Mar '21 23:10Challenge Player
Standard memberYowwwp1200101019 Mar '21 10:24Challenge Player
Standard memberizziefizzie123p1200303019 Mar '21 04:28Challenge Player
Standard memberSofia 16p1200000007 Mar '21 13:01Challenge Player
Standard memberKapitanop1200000022 Feb '21 07:37Challenge Player
Standard memberwawancpgp1200101029 Jan '21 19:58Challenge Player
Standard membernoobchessplayerp1200000026 Jan '21 01:31Challenge Player
Standard memberAanChessp1200000022 Jan '21 10:41Challenge Player
Standard membercaroljacksonp1200211028 Dec '20 22:15Challenge Player
Standard memberCephew75p1200101019 Nov '20 02:57Challenge Player
Standard memberThamrin1976142105221531 Oct '20 11:33Challenge Player
Standard memberPotrèt Nusantara Chanelp1200000002 Oct '20 16:59Challenge Player
Standard memberChristopher Nathaniel21875825102309 Sep '20 07:07Challenge Player
Standard memberSelalu Bersyukurp1200101017 Aug '20 17:18Challenge Player
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