NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriberjecidi142239351882169136205 Dec '23 15:50Challenge Player
Standard memberSelamat Sirp1200220005 Dec '23 09:27Challenge Player
SubscriberFMF106911764427102404 Dec '23 04:57Challenge Player
Standard memberucme222169551916425410103 Dec '23 05:26Challenge Player
Standard membersuvanivyp1200000002 Dec '23 14:02Challenge Player
Standard memberchairul salamp1200000026 Nov '23 04:11Challenge Player
Standard memberzchess07p1597540120 Nov '23 11:42Challenge Player
Standard memberIndoChessp1200000020 Nov '23 02:46Challenge Player
Standard memberROULAND PATTIASINAp1200202018 Nov '23 09:30Challenge Player
Standard memberjuliodolkenp1200000012 Nov '23 11:50Challenge Player
Standard memberZiehanp1200000011 Nov '23 10:03Challenge Player
Standard memberAzel Boldp1200211008 Nov '23 22:33Challenge Player
Standard memberSatriyo Prawiro Nuswantorop1200000008 Nov '23 13:22Challenge Player
Standard memberLeeyoup1200101006 Nov '23 12:29Challenge Player
Standard memberLinap1200000005 Nov '23 13:40Challenge Player
Standard memberJULMANSYAHp1200000001 Nov '23 03:53Challenge Player
Standard membernobandap1200101031 Oct '23 04:57Challenge Player
Standard memberwalaperap1200000025 Oct '23 10:36Challenge Player
Standard memberAanboanp1200101023 Oct '23 16:59Challenge Player
Standard memberNando300p1200101016 Oct '23 18:29Challenge Player
Standard memberEnzo Cancp1200101015 Oct '23 14:50Challenge Player
Standard memberJefnip1200202014 Oct '23 09:25Challenge Player
Standard memberFanani20p1200101028 Sep '23 13:08Challenge Player
Standard memberSaepudinp1200000028 Sep '23 05:03Challenge Player
Standard memberRiskamil0297p1200101024 Sep '23 04:33Challenge Player
Standard memberhizaqqqqqp1200000022 Sep '23 09:58Challenge Player
Standard memberNht Keker Bllgp1200101021 Sep '23 04:05Challenge Player
Standard memberEvri98p1200211020 Sep '23 19:39Challenge Player
Standard memberSarjun014p1200000017 Sep '23 15:14Challenge Player
Standard memberKirap1200000006 Sep '23 03:36Challenge Player
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