NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberRustam Ajionline162135276226 Sep '22 10:31Challenge Player
SubscriberFMF113311324186922226 Sep '22 10:28Challenge Player
Standard memberposma1997p158515123026 Sep '22 08:40Challenge Player
Subscriberjecidi145736581745157933426 Sep '22 06:58Challenge Player
Standard memberPanjul80p1200000026 Sep '22 05:20Challenge Player
Standard memberucme22217175071612479925 Sep '22 00:14Challenge Player
Standard memberZainuddin91p1200000021 Sep '22 20:04Challenge Player
Standard memberSan888p1200000021 Sep '22 14:53Challenge Player
Standard memberritsrumewop1200000020 Sep '22 06:15Challenge Player
Standard memberKenclenk Ain Danap1200000019 Sep '22 00:14Challenge Player
Standard memberJaduld73p1200101011 Sep '22 20:01Challenge Player
Standard memberRanto Marbunp1200202009 Sep '22 14:24Challenge Player
Standard memberachmadp1200101007 Sep '22 04:42Challenge Player
Standard memberIwan cica erlanggap1200303005 Sep '22 18:52Challenge Player
Standard memberSam Gokup1200101005 Sep '22 04:28Challenge Player
Standard memberihuns81p1200000026 Aug '22 14:07Challenge Player
Standard memberAthotabassamp1200101026 Aug '22 06:07Challenge Player
Standard memberMuhammad Noerp1200101015 Aug '22 14:41Challenge Player
Standard memberCaraka09p1200000015 Aug '22 07:08Challenge Player
Standard memberMassandhip1200101011 Aug '22 14:51Challenge Player
Standard memberRIEFAL REYNALDIp1200202006 Aug '22 11:52Challenge Player
Standard memberKimjunp1200000006 Aug '22 01:26Challenge Player
Standard memberBodrexp1200000031 Jul '22 16:33Challenge Player
Standard memberDatssssp1200000027 Jul '22 16:33Challenge Player
Standard memberPutu prastiyawanp1200000026 Jul '22 13:49Challenge Player
Standard memberOnblankp1200000026 Jul '22 02:12Challenge Player
Standard memberasa asepp1200000025 Jul '22 16:11Challenge Player
Standard memberArdyp1200000023 Jul '22 07:47Challenge Player
Standard memberRidwan Syah Putra Situmorangp1200202020 Jul '22 07:06Challenge Player
Standard memberisnawanp1200220019 Jul '22 18:24Challenge Player
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