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Chess Player Directory for Zimbabwe

Chess Player Directory for Zimbabwe

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member steven mbuso1599422910326 May '18 19:06Challenge Player
Standard member javadragon13383281521403626 May '18 19:02Challenge Player
Standard member Zambesiboy11677173683252426 May '18 18:53Challenge Player
Subscriber XAXAXAXAp 1369927026 May '18 18:22Challenge Player
Standard member Christopher Ndodayemizinip 14971795326 May '18 18:18Challenge Player
Standard member BrownSauce106815508037173026 May '18 17:57Challenge Player
Standard member The ma1360422120126 May '18 17:42Challenge Player
Standard member SPVodka1309424199218726 May '18 12:41Challenge Player
Standard member dustytinashe15918104223117726 May '18 09:51Challenge Player
Standard member infra red13488173874111926 May '18 08:19Challenge Player
Standard member chimhangwa12056581834542126 May '18 04:02Challenge Player
Standard member igottawang1337976033425 May '18 22:18Challenge Player
Standard member lapwing15991387559425 May '18 09:52Challenge Player
Standard member Simple TK1320270163103423 May '18 08:33Challenge Player
Standard member Julian Davies1763795517722 May '18 10:39Challenge Player
Standard member Nervs1381433239190421 May '18 06:33Challenge Player
Standard member simonmuchi1663196791061117 May '18 16:00Challenge Player
Standard member Porker11592951371481023 Dec '17 06:45Challenge Player
Standard member Lawson G17352521221121805 Nov '17 16:43Challenge Player
Standard member Sandline1510976035227 Oct '17 14:37Challenge Player
Standard member knightf210631083770113 Oct '17 10:34Challenge Player
Standard member statebanker1468392017229 Sep '17 13:09Challenge Player
Standard member Filip Andersenp 96117314014 Sep '17 15:29Challenge Player
Standard member shumaip 927808021 Jun '17 10:33Challenge Player
Standard member sitty15741316560629 May '17 19:57Challenge Player
Standard member zambezi2limpopo1212291514005 May '17 11:59Challenge Player
Standard member Baran Kayap 154417116023 Feb '17 07:48Challenge Player
Standard member Mxolisi Hulk Masuku1486704421502 Feb '17 08:52Challenge Player
Standard member wobaidan1354472421201 Feb '17 00:21Challenge Player
Standard member Grant Ian1238224100120404 Jan '17 12:29Challenge Player

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