NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberExcalibur1458180710077564429 Mar '23 10:41Challenge Player
Standard membersalip1200000011 Dec '20 07:20Challenge Player
Standard membermike2411761026532509 Jun '20 15:58Challenge Player
Standard memberPatrick Nicoterap9051129020 Mar '19 04:01Challenge Player
Standard memberreverendbaron176138235023930 Sep '14 18:13Challenge Player
Standard memberoleg18p121218810023 Apr '13 14:33Challenge Player
Standard memberscottandrewsp1200110009 Aug '12 06:22Challenge Player
Standard memberterrydokkenp1200220026 Sep '11 17:25Challenge Player
Standard memberChallenger2p1200202005 Apr '11 03:59Challenge Player
Standard memberMinksiep1200110020 Nov '07 18:10Challenge Player
Standard memberchilliplant1171301416006 Mar '07 16:16Challenge Player
Standard memberschnippybeaterp95211110021 Feb '07 22:49Challenge Player
Standard memberTOMBIAp12081798020 Sep '06 11:45Challenge Player
Standard memberjimorris57p1232532012 Sep '06 19:20Challenge Player
Standard membergobop1200110004 Jul '06 09:28Challenge Player
Standard memberdthompsonp11601376018 Jun '06 19:48Challenge Player
Standard memberWaterkingp12221459017 May '06 22:32Challenge Player
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