NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberkillicanonline168618688289667423 May '22 14:42Challenge Player
Standard memberno oneonline171112857245194223 May '22 14:36Challenge Player
Standard memberTAMER YAŞA14516213892102223 May '22 09:24Challenge Player
Standard memberkunduz1889714621422 May '22 19:14Challenge Player
Standard membernever give up11164612052401618 May '22 19:49Challenge Player
Standard memberZuzulera10156362193556216 May '22 12:49Challenge Player
Standard memberCips90234525412 May '22 08:01Challenge Player
Standard memberidrmir007p1200101018 Apr '22 12:53Challenge Player
Standard membermahnusharlsenp1200101018 Apr '22 02:27Challenge Player
Standard memberkuzeyyp1200000005 Apr '22 17:36Challenge Player
Standard memberMarshallp1200101027 Mar '22 18:02Challenge Player
Standard memberSinanBerksan1821675411223 Mar '22 04:27Challenge Player
Standard memberkenannosp1200000028 Feb '22 05:02Challenge Player
Standard memberRemovedp1200303025 Feb '22 21:23Challenge Player
Standard memberfuu22p1200000022 Feb '22 06:44Challenge Player
Standard memberHakan Yarımoğlu136610144765231506 Feb '22 14:26Challenge Player
Standard memberPropawnp1200000030 Jan '22 20:10Challenge Player
Standard memberaybocugump1200000029 Jan '22 15:49Challenge Player
Standard membercaganchess74p1200101024 Jan '22 13:14Challenge Player
Standard membereertemp14861165011 Jan '22 18:52Challenge Player
Standard memberyetkin10123731562061111 Jan '22 11:37Challenge Player
Standard memberefefeefefefefdep1200000008 Jan '22 12:12Challenge Player
Standard memberramazan furkanp1200000006 Jan '22 22:47Challenge Player
Standard memberBalikesirKoftesi10p1200101011 Dec '21 18:26Challenge Player
Standard memberhakkinenayhp1200100127 Nov '21 01:18Challenge Player
Standard memberacikyurekp1200000015 Nov '21 05:54Challenge Player
Standard memberGüntan ŞAHİN1158633428121 Oct '21 07:23Challenge Player
Standard memberLegolas01p1200101017 Oct '21 13:44Challenge Player
Standard membermehmett7171230217208 Oct '21 12:01Challenge Player
Standard memberSerhatp984606004 Oct '21 10:35Challenge Player
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