Grandmaster Games Database
Garry Kasparov vs David Howell1-0501998BT Wireplay simD78King's Indian Fianchetto without c4Browse
Michael Adams vs David Howell1-09520064th Staunton MemC80Dunst (Sleipner, Heinrichsen) OpeningBrowse
Varuzhan Akobian vs David Howell1-042200735th World OpenD80Gruenfeld Stockholm variationBrowse
David Howell vs Etienne Bacrot0-1312006TCh-FRA Top 16 Gp AC67Grob's attackBrowse
David Howell vs Bu Xiangzhi0-1632007UK-CHN MatchB22Clemenz (Mead's, Basman's or de Klerk's...Browse
Magnus Carlsen vs David Howell½-½532002WYb12A27Reti OpeningBrowse
Magnus Carlsen vs David Howell½-½452003FSGM DecemberC86Ruy Lopez Worrall attack, sharp lineBrowse
Nick E De Firmian vs David Howell0-1552005CCA-ICC OpenC88Ruy Lopez Closed, anti-Marshall 8.a4Browse
David Howell vs Sergey Karjakin½-½512003Art of Chess MatchB52Sicilian Canal-Sokolsky attack, Sokolsk...Browse
David Howell vs Alexandra Kosteniuk½-½632002Battle of the BabesB22Grob's attackBrowse
Alexandra Kosteniuk vs David Howell1-0462002Battle of the BabesC91Grob's attackBrowse
David Howell vs Alexandra Kosteniuk0-1592002Battle of the BabesB22Sicilian Alapin's variation (2.c3)Browse
Alexandra Kosteniuk vs David Howell1-0482002Battle of the BabesC88Ruy Lopez Closed, anti-Marshall 8.a4Browse
David Howell vs Vladimir Kramnik0-1642002Einstein Blitz MatchC67Ruy Lopez Berlin defence, Open variatio...Browse
Vladimir Kramnik vs David Howell1-0342002Einstein Blitz MatchC54Giuoco PianoBrowse
David Howell vs Vladimir Kramnik0-1412002Einstein Blitz MatchC67Bird's OpeningBrowse
Vladimir Kramnik vs David Howell½-½212002Einstein Blitz MatchC54Giuoco PianoBrowse
Kateri Lahno vs David Howell1-0422002WY olC96Ruy Lopez Closed, 7...O-OBrowse
David Howell vs Luke McShane0-13620024NCLB31Reti OpeningBrowse
Vadim Milov vs David Howell1-0372007Gibtelecom MastersD85Gruenfeld Exchange variationBrowse
Vadim Milov vs David Howell½-½602007Canadian OpenD85Gruenfeld Exchange variationBrowse
Parimarjan Negi vs David Howell0-179200514th Monarch AssuranceC91Anti-Borg (Desprez) OpeningBrowse
David Howell vs Alexander Onischuk½-½422005HB Global CCC78Anti-Borg (Desprez) OpeningBrowse
Alexander Shabalov vs David Howell½-½342005HB Global CCC91Ruy Lopez Closed, 7...O-OBrowse
David Howell vs Yury Shulman½-½15200735th World OpenC03French TarraschBrowse
Ivan Sokolov vs David Howell1-04420064th Staunton MemD85Gruenfeld Exchange variationBrowse
David Howell vs Jon Speelman1-0452003British Land MatchB14Caro-Kann Panov-Botvinnik attack, 5...e...Browse
David Howell vs Jon Speelman0-1542003Simpsons 175thB09Clemenz (Mead's, Basman's or de Klerk's...Browse
Jon Speelman vs David Howell1-0412003Simpsons 175thA48Reti OpeningBrowse
Jon Speelman vs David Howell½-½1820054NCLA16Reti OpeningBrowse
    Nov 14 1990

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