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Chess, a two player strategy games played over 64 squares on a checkered board. Chess remains one of the most popular games in the world, and nothing betters playing chess over the board in your chess club, home, or park. But for when you can't play face to face, Red Hot Pawn Chess offers the next best alternative. Red Hot Pawn Chess enables you to play chess online whenever and wherever you may be, on a tablet, computer, or even your phone.

The Chess Board

Online Chess

All your games are stored online, no downloads are required, just login and play. Play multiple games at once against a global community of chess players. Choose your time constraints for each chess game for a more relaxed pace. We recommend you log in daily to make your moves although you can play chess games with moves a week apart if you wish. It's up to you. Optional emails will alert you when you have a move to make, or if you play with our app, you will be notified of games waiting.

Blitz Chess, Speed Chess or Fast Chess

Correspondence style (turn based) chess is the most popular way to play chess on Red Hot Pawn Chess, but in addition, you can also play live blitz chess in real time right from your web browser. Just choose your preferred duration and time increment per move, offer a game, and enjoy a game of chess played to its conclusion in one sitting. No downloads are required, and your game of chess can be played on any device.

Android Chess App for Mobile and Tablets

Android users can choose to play chess on the move by installing the partner chess app which will allow you to play your chess games whenever you have a spare minute. You are notified when you have a move waiting, and can make your move right from your phone. Message your opponent, start new games and review lines in the game analysis option - all available from the Android Chess App.

IOS Chess App for iPhones and iPads

Apple iPhone and iPad users will get their own dedicated app too, offering the same features as the Android App. Use our IOS chess app and you will never miss a move, even when on road.

Chess Tournaments

Tournaments are always available on Red Hot Pawn Chess, either official site tournaments, or played within a chess club where members compete among themselves. If you don't want to battle it out among the heavy weights, play a banded tournament among players of a similar rating to yourself. Improve your chess game, improve your chess rating, and enter higher rated chess tournament or the free-for-all tournaments.

Chess Ladders

All rated games will either increase or decrease your rating, and you can see your position among all other active chess players, but if you wish to compete among players within your preferred time constraints, try the Red Hot Pawn Chess chess ladders. Challenge players above you, defend against challenges from below, and win to climb your way to the top. Multiple chess ladders are open to all subscribing members.