Wycombe Wanderers vs De Vlaamse Leeuwen

Wycombe Wanderers vs De Vlaamse Leeuwen

Clans Challenge Results
Wycombe WanderersMovesDe Vlaamse Leeuwen
Thorin Oakenshield1667141681Sidwaterski
Thorin Oakenshield1667291681Sidwaterski
cubsnation131426531429de nar
cubsnation131426311429de nar
gevans1304741270Raampje x
gevans1304411270Raampje x
Wycombe Al1140361171The Token King
Wycombe Al1140421171The Token King
4Games Won6
0Gross Points10
-10Net Points10

'De Vlaamse Leeuwen' wins.

10 points awarded to winner.

10 of 10 games scored for this challenge.

This challenge result contributed to the 2021 challenge table.

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