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Another social media account to follow...208 Feb '24 11:43RussRuss
Android notifications off by default - how to t...111 Dec '23 19:47RussRuss
Facebook login unavailable - do not logout311 Dec '23 18:51RussRuss
The 2 Million move club grows314 Nov '23 12:28RussPonderable
Bookmarks sunsetted422 Jun '23 18:20RussRuss
Invasive Ads115 May '23 10:28RussRuss
Tournament entered indicator205 May '23 03:41Russlstcyr
22nd anniversary of RedHotPawn325 Feb '23 17:58Russmwmiller
Scheduled outage 15th Feb 23 @ 7:00 UTC approx ...1017 Feb '23 10:49RussRuss
Live Chess outage [completed]129 Dec '22 14:05RussRuss
iPhone app issue - draw acceptance631 Oct '22 13:34Russmoonbus
Android App 5.0.4 released704 Oct '22 16:06RussRuss
Apple iPhone/iPad app Version v5.0.8 released204 Oct '22 09:10RussRuss
DELAYED - iOS (iPhone/iPad) App 5.0.4 rolling o...131 Aug '22 09:31RussRuss
[Resolved] Subscription renewal disruption801 Aug '22 21:59RussKevin Eleven
Scheduled outage July 17, 2022, 4:00:00 AM UTC217 Jul '22 18:21RussRuss
IMPORTANT : Turning off email notifications - d...414 Jul '22 11:08Russmwmiller
iPhone app in beta and in need of beta testers108 Jul '22 10:06RussRuss
Unscheduled Outage [resolved] Timeout suspensio...929 Jun '22 08:15RussRuss
Android App 4.8.0 released816 Jun '22 08:51RussRuss
iOS App crashes when viewing some games.1324 May '22 07:55Russmoonbus
Forums - Today's public posts820 May '22 03:58RussFMF
Last live game113 May '22 15:34RussRuss
24 hour timeout suspension212 May '22 10:23RussRuss
Outage - Maintenance Phase 2 [completed]211 May '22 09:27Russmoonbus
Outage [completed]210 May '22 13:30RussRuss
Clan leagues feature sunsetted, all games reass...1327 Apr '22 18:37RussVery Rusty
Android App 4.7.1 released214 Apr '22 09:59RussRuss
Live chess [outage over] currently unavailable ...212 Apr '22 12:25RussRuss
Android App delisted from app store temporarily...1716 Mar '22 11:50RussRuss

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