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  1. Standard memberHand of Hecate
    Cock Fighter
    08 Feb '05
    24 Jun '19 01:31
    @patzering said
    I don't talk to non-subs 😒
    Nobody cares Sally. Why don’t you take up a new hobby like huffing paint or giving handies to the homeless then you’ll have something interesting to tell people about.
  2. Subscriberrookie54
    free tazer tickles..
    wildly content...
    09 Mar '08
    24 Jun '19 12:08
    Blessed is the man who,
    having nothing to say,
    abstains from giving wordy evidence of the fact.
    -George Eliot
    English novelist (1819 - 1880)
  3. Joined
    16 Feb '08
    22 Jun '19 05:47
    @patzering said
    What is important in life?
    I'm having a midlife crisis. 🤔
    The midlife awareness that you had a great fun childhood and maximised your educational opportunities to springboard into a decent career. You’ve made the most of your relationships and have lived an exciting life while you are young enough to have done so. You’ve loved and still love your ageing parents and have a great future to look forward to based on a sound fiscal strategy from early life and well developed sense of values, spirituality and morality.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Subscribermoonbus
    31 May '12
    22 Jun '19 12:36
    @patzering said
    What is important in life?

    I'm having a midlife crisis. 🤔
    It's a phase; it'll pass. What's important are: friends and health (don't vegetate; get out, move your body, cycle, hike, row, with friends if possible -- if your current friends don't do any of those things, do them anyway and make some new acquaintances).
  5. Standard memberDeepThought
    Losing the Thread
    27 Oct '04
    22 Jun '19 14:13
    @philokalia said
    It would not make sense to give free healthcare to illegal aliens.

    Of course, we have to treat them for their injuries, but we also have to repatriate them.

    If we actually had a really efficient system of repatriation where we stopped them at the border, this wouldn't be such a big deal.

    But, instead, our system is broken.
    Free healthcare for aliens won't work because the organ layout is different and they can't tolerate human blood.
  6. Standard memberHand of Hecate
    Cock Fighter
    08 Feb '05
    23 Jun '19 22:07
    @executioner-brand said
    I started vaping near a week ago. Haven't had a normal smoke in 4 days now which feels real strange for me after 30 years every day. I already notice breathing becoming easier as the dangerous CO levels they(the quit smoking clinic) test for decreases.

    The idea is to switch to vaping(done) and then give that up which isn't an established addiction like 30 years of smoking.

    Has anyone else had success using a vape to quit this disgusting habit?
    Vaping is for skids and posers.

    Try this instead. Open a new pack of your favorite brand of cigarettes. Have a friend stick the filter end of one cigarette into his ass and randomly place it back in the pack. Butthole cigarette roulette is a great way to quit.
  7. Subscribermoonbus
    31 May '12
    24 Jun '19 06:09
    @very-rusty said
    Hell at 17 I knew I am still learning new things, don't know what happened!!! 😉 Turns out my father was correct about many things!

    “When I was 14, my father was so ignorant I could scarcely stand to have the old man around. But when I was 21 I was astonished at how much he had learned.” — Twain
  8. SubscriberGhost of a Duke
    A Spirited Misfit
    in London
    14 Mar '15
    24 Jun '19 10:42
    @ponderable said
    That was not very polite.
    Anyway you probably can't avoid getting into conversation with non-Subs if you want to take part in the Forum.
    I think it was just his way of letting people know he had subscribed to the site.
  9. Subscriberkevcvs57
    The wrong side of 60
    22 Dec '11
    24 Jun '19 13:25
    @great-big-stees said
    He/she (Patzering could be either) may not have realized that a "Star" appears beside their name indicating they have actually paid to be on this site...or not.
    Maybe he’s claiming that he never talks to:- Ships, Boats, Catamarans or basically any sea going vessel that’s not a Sub, some people can be funny that way.
  10. Joined
    07 Feb '09
    19 Jun '19 06:40
    @eladar said
    If you could rate the biggest disadvantages in this life how would you rank them?

    Intelligence or lack of any
    Wealth or lack thereof
    No family connections
    Extremely Ugly
    Social Skills

    I would rank my top 5 as

    1. Money
    3.Social skills
    4. Intelligence
    5.Lack of family connections

    Feel free to add more.
    Wears a MAGA hat to church. 😛
  11. SubscriberPonderableonline
    22 Apr '05
    19 Jun '19 07:35
    @very-rusty said
    Look at the list of Clubs that I am in, not that I actually participate much except to play in their tournaments. Too freaking boring for me in the forum!! 😛 Everyone has their own tastes though just not for me when it comes to chat.

    Also, I realize you want to stay on side with the crowd so have to throw a shot my way!!! 😛 😉

    You offer yourself as target very aggressivekly, presume everything as shot.
  12. Joined
    05 Nov '06
    19 Jun '19 13:541 edit
    @suzianne said
    Especially if that skin color is black or brown, right? Whites (especially in America) have been given promotions and college entrance based on their skin color literally since this country was founded. You just can't handle that something you've enjoyed since you were born can be taken away, isn't that right? In fact, isn't a White Supremacist America what you mea ...[text shortened]... ire.

    Sorry but your racist views will never become mainstream, no matter how hard you try.
    So I am a racist for thinking skin color should not play a part in decisions? Liberal lunacy at is best. 🙄
  13. Standard membershavixmir
    Guppy poo
    Sewers of Holland
    31 Jan '04
    19 Jun '19 14:16
    @livineasy4 said
    How can you say that when Iran said it would raise rnrichment low grade uranium beyond the limits set by the 2015 international nuclear deal. They are violating the deal, which is in place And they are definitely guilty for putting bombs on tankers, bombing tankers. and they have attacked a tanker. Would you want them to increase their nuclear arsenal by enriching uranium? And what has all that got to do with the United States president ?
    Me thinks you need to travel abroad for a while and experience some of the world.
  14. Joined
    04 Feb '05
    19 Jun '19 14:571 edit
    @mott-the-hoople said
    what aggressive action has the US taken toward iran?
    Moving troops towards their borders. Economic sanctions despite Iran complying with the nuclear deal. Pressuring other states into upholding those economic sanctions. Threatening over and over an invasion.

    I responded not for you but for others who might not realize the US is the aggressor here. Don't bother answering back.
  15. Joined
    18 Jan '07
    19 Jun '19 15:08
    @mott-the-hoople said
    Yeah the US is bombing oil wait...
    Bolton and Pompeo's "evidence" that Iran bombed those tankers is about as believable as Powell and Cheney's "evidence" that Saddam Hussein had chemical weapons factories. That was a big, fat lie, perpetrated to fabricate an excuse for a war for the sake of petroleum; and so is this.
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