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  1. Standard member LEUR
    14 Dec '17 15:33
    What a difference a year makes...nine sessions of chemotherapy...two more to go and the next scan to determine progress...then more chemo every two weeks until resolve.
    AND added to that, our house was flooded by the Harvey hurricane...50 inch rain event in three days...selling the old house and moving to a new one looks we are...MERRY CHRISTMAS 2017 everyone!

    Other good news in 2017...
    Houston Astros 2017 World Series Champions!
  2. Standard member mchill
    Green Lantern
    11 Dec '17 14:16 / 3 edits
    It's been entertaining reading these forums these last few months. Some patterns seem to be emerging, take most subjects, and this is generally what you'll find:

    Shavixmier - America is off it's rocker, how could they do this?!

    Suzianne - Donald Trump is a scumbag, and a pile of trash!!

    mchill - I agree with you 100% Suzianne, but black voter suppression is not the only reason Donald Trump won.

    Duchess - The racist, sexist troll (insert 99.99% of white males) has repeatedly attacked me viciously, and shows his extreme prejudice and ignorance about (insert quote after quote, link after link, post after post ad nauseum)

    Whodey - It's all Hillary's fault because she sold ALL our uranium to Russia!!

    SH76- This is not 100% accurate, I'd like to point out that (insert legal precedent from at least 20 years ago)

    no1 marauder - What are you talking about SH? You know perfectly well that (insert legal precedent from at least 19 years ago)

    sonhouse - I'm trying to be reasonable here, but no one is listening.

    Everyone else - Why can we hold civil discussions, and others here have challenges in this area?
  3. Standard member HandyAndy
    Non sum qualis eram
    15 Dec '17 17:56
    Hey Mott: You must have at least one redeeming quality... but so far, we don't know what it is.

    So, until we find it...

    Just shut up.
  4. Standard member mchill
    Green Lantern
    16 Dec '17 15:11 / 1 edit
    Hello Everyone - As I read these posts from Conservatives and Liberals flailing away at each other with their well rehearsed sound bites and slogans,might I suggest something rather important: How you manage yourself and your time is more important than politics. It's easy and fun to blame our lawmakers for our problems, but the fact is 90% of our problems can be traced back to ourselves, cases in point: Do you make smart food choices, or eat over processed junk foods? Do you exercise daily, or do you put it off? Do you save at least 10% of your pay and build your nest egg, or do you splurge on "must have" emotion driven items you don't really need? Do you have written financial goals you review and work towards, or do you just drift along? Do you manage your time well, or do you come home from work, flop in front of the TV until it's time to go to bed? As a small business owner, I struggle with these things too, and after 60+ years on this planet, I've come to the conclusion that we are our own driving force, and we are our own brake.
  5. 12 Dec '17 18:15
    Nazi's = Nazi is

    You don't need the '
  6. Standard member Soothfast
    13 Dec '17 06:53
    Blacks get the bulk of the credit for defeating Moore. They showed up and crushed the pervert soundly.
  7. Standard member shavixmir
    Guppy poo
    13 Dec '17 07:09
    So. The thread starts off asking what nationality people have.

    And for some reason No1 and Dutch are having their usual release of sexual tension in public.... about Japanese internment camps.

    No, wait... about what each other have or have not said about American concentration camps for Japanese people.

    1 and Dutchy up a tree,
    First in love,
    Then in marriage,
    Then with a baby commie in a fair-trade carriage.

    I love you both.
    Now get a room. You’re making me feel uncomfortable!
  8. Subscriber radioactive69
    Fun, fun fun!!
    13 Dec '17 12:30
    Originally posted by @mctayto
    This forum has gone to sleep without Robbie ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz
    Hey McGayo, why don't you just STFU !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a nice day !
  9. Standard member vivify
    15 Dec '17 00:45 / 3 edits
    Originally posted by @eladar
    Sexual sins are the only sins where a man sins against his own body.
    What about gluttony? Sloth? Pride? Drug use? Suicide?

    The bible days whoever attacks his wife attacks his own body.
  10. 11 Dec '17 01:25
    Originally posted by @duchess64
    I don't believe that a person who's being harassed shares blame with the harasser(s).

    I know that men have long taken a position similar to Zahlanzi's apparently now.
    When a woman's being harassed by a man, she should just smile sweetly and never complain.
    If she dares to speak up against him, then she will only encourage him to escalate.
    So stayin ...[text shortened]... nd judged by
    a different (harsher) standard than men in being able to speak freely in disputes.
    "I don't believe that a person who's being harassed shares blame with the harasser(s)."
    yes, i agree. many people here have long given up debating you honestly and their stance on the subjects you raise are colored by their disdain of you. can you say differently? can you discuss with people in a civilized manner? how many times have you managed to argue the facts and not insult people?

    "I know that men have long taken a position similar to Zahlanzi's apparently now.
    When a woman's being harassed by a man, she should just smile sweetly and never complain."
    there it is. i must be psychic.
    can you look objectively at the situation and honestly say people here don't like you because you're a woman?
    is there a chance, even a small one, that people don't like you because of you? because of how you argue?

    "So staying silent, passive, and compliant is supposed to the best way--the only way--for women to deal with being harassed by men."
    of course not. that's not what i said. you should speak up for yourself. you should however see the difference between being harassed by men because you're a woman and being dismissed out of hand because people don't like you as a person.

    "I disagree with all that advice."
    that there is a possibility you are wrong? yes, people are most reluctant to see flaws in them when there are others to blame.

    "I know, of course, that women are held to and judged by
    a different (harsher) standard than men in being able to speak freely in disputes"
    i agree. can you agree there are men who genuinely try to engage in discussion regardless of another's gender and that such men disagreeing with you aren't necessarily misogynists?
  11. Standard member vivify
    11 Dec '17 01:27 / 3 edits
    Originally posted by @quackquack
    People in the high tax areas like the Northeast are continually move down south because taxes are lower. But feel free to pretend that lower taxes doesn't help people.
    That's quite different from simply giving money to the rich through tax breaks.

    Businesses move to lower-tax havens to increase profits. The Republican tax break requires them to do NOTHING; the work is done for them. Therefore, there is no need to create more jobs.

    You've been duped by a scam.
  12. Subscriber AThousandYoung
    They have no friends
    12 Dec '17 01:58 / 3 edits
    Originally posted by @no1marauder
    "British Ireland"? Where's that?
    That part of Ireland governed by the government of Great Britain. Don't play stupid word games. You're the one who refuses to use the internationally recognized name but made up his own propagandistic acronym that nobody else understands. Now you pretend you can't understand what I mean? Please.
  13. Subscriber FMF
    a.k.a. John W Booth
    12 Dec '17 09:04
    Originally posted by @dj2becker
    Why can you not live life to the fullest if you assume there is an afterlife?
    You demonstrate here, day in day out, that you are not living your intellectual life to the fullest, and it's explicitly connected to your convoluted superstitions pertaining to "an afterlife".
  14. Standard member mchill
    Green Lantern
    12 Dec '17 14:52 / 2 edits
    I predict Roy Moore will come out with a narrow win, the Senate ethics committee will excel at looking busy (without really doing anything) and the Alabama good old boy's network will have succeeded in electing another shining example of southern evangelical conservatism. Praise the LORD and pass the ammunition!

    Any other predictions??
  15. Subscriber no1marauder
    It's Nice to Be Nice
    13 Dec '17 00:26
    Originally posted by @duchess64
    The troll No1Marauder hurls more insults at me in attempting to cover up his lies.

    "...her equally false claim that the US conceded in 1988 that decision was SOLELY based on "racism""
    --No1Marauder (to Duchess64)

    No1Marauder's LYING, putting words into my mouth. I NEVER WROTE 'SOLELY'.
    I was well aware of the words (almost having memorized them) i ...[text shortened]... tted
    that the USA's wartime internment of Japanese Americans was motivated 'SOLELY' by racism?
    What isn't your Daddy available to beat me up? You need to threaten me with some Professor of Asian studies?

    What a pathetic wack job you are.