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  1. Subscriber no1marauder
    It's Nice to Be Nice
    22 May '18 20:40
    I'm not an anti-hunting guy, but this latest atrocity from the Trump administration made me madder than watching the Reds this year:

    The Trump administration is moving to reverse Obama-era rules barring hunters on some public lands in Alaska from baiting brown bears with bacon and doughnuts and using spotlights to shoot mother black bears and cubs hibernating in their dens.

    The National Park Service issued a notice Monday of its intent to amend regulations for sport hunting and trapping in national preserves to bring the federal rules in line with Alaska state law.

    Under the proposed changes, hunters would also be allowed to hunt black bears with dogs, kill wolves and pups in their dens, and use motor boats to shoot swimming caribou.

    These and other hunting methods — condemned as cruel by wildlife protection advocates — were outlawed on federal lands in 2015.,-wolves?utm_source=Twitter&utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_medium=AP_Politics

    Really? It's "sporting" to shoot hibernating bear cubs? And use searchlights and motor boats? What next? Maybe some wire guided missiles and flamethrowers?

    C'mon even you right wing drones can't be on board with this.
  2. Standard member Ghost of a Duke
    Zen Master
    20 May '18 15:18
    Originally posted by @divegeester
    I am being repeatedly and persistently trolled by Romans1009 who is accusing me of being ashamed of Jesus Christ. Other than calling someone a Son of Satan this is probably one of the worst insults one Christian will say to another.

    If you think I am ashamed of Christ please say so, if not then who will stand with me and refute this person's claims a ...[text shortened]... ent with Romans1009, I am not asking for ambivalence.

    Who will stand with me one this matter?
    Right beside you sir, as will everybody else I'm sure who is sick of that tedious little troll.

    Like yourself I have not responded to him directly in over 2 weeks, but he still replies to virtually every post I make to other posters. What kind of saddo does that?
  3. Standard member vivify
    24 May '18 13:20
    Originally posted by @mott-the-hoople
    [b]If you never read links before commenting you will continually look foolish.
    Daily wire was referencing a >new york times< article.
    From the NYT article:

    "Such a program would not violate the international deal intended to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, or any other formal agreement."

    So...Trump was wrong. Again.
  4. Subscriber WOLFE63
    Ageless Hesychast
    26 May '18 03:09
    Originally posted by @mott-the-hoople
    Let's get real. Economies don't change overnight. Trump is just gravy-training on the policies set forth by Obama. The damage Trump is doing now... will be the next Democratic President's mess to clean up.

    It happens every time: Republicans do the talking....Democrats do the walking.
  5. 20 May '18 10:32
    This is pointless. School shootings in America are always preceded by "another". And yet you do nothing. Americans will demand gun control, The NRA and conservatives will accuse them of politicizing a tragedy (because when someone falls into a hole they don't immediately demand the city hall to fix it, they don't want to politicize )

    The only way you will ever get anything done about this is if you absolutely demand a litmus test of whoever you're voting. Took NRA money? You don't get a vote. Don't promise to support gun legislation from day one of getting into office? You don't get a vote.

    And freakin make it illegal for senators to get lobbying jobs after they retire in the industries they were meant to regulate. What the hell is wrong with you.
  6. 22 May '18 16:29
    Originally posted by @whodey
    One of the major reasons the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are separated was for children to focus on things OTHER than sexually related issues. You know, like wilderness survival and hiking and leadership, etc.

    However, with the addition of gays that all changes. You may has well have girls and boys sleeping in the same tents.

    This is my main objection ...[text shortened]... have to bath and sleep together. Sexual distractions on the battle field should not be embraced.
    I was in the Scouts when I was a kid. When we weren't tying knots or sailing boats we were, like, super totally focused on "sexually related issues." Just like we were always razor-sharply focused on "sexually related issues" at school, or when meeting people elsewhere.

  7. Subscriber moonbus
    23 May '18 16:53
    Originally posted by @ashiitaka
    Are you challenging me to a round of leftist victimhood Olympics? If so, here are the rules:

    1) We each take turns pouring our hearts out about how terrible our lives are and how victimized we've been, making sure to use extra emotive language .

    2) Use this to try and attract sympathy and shame the other for ever daring to question your opinions.

    Gold medal goes to the most offended.

    This is what the mad left has come to these days.
    Foregone result: Duchess has already wrapped up that medal and taken it home.
  8. 23 May '18 16:59
    Originally posted by @shavixmir
    Which state is this a poll for?
    The state of denial.
  9. Subscriber WOLFE63
    Ageless Hesychast
    24 May '18 13:18
    Originally posted by @mott-the-hoople
    [b]If you never read links before commenting you will continually look foolish.
    Daily wire was referencing a >new york times< article.
    Not a word about nuclear missiles anywhere in the article.
    The agreement with Iran regarded nuclear weapons. SQUASH!

    I get it now: You come from the crowd who get their kicks from yelling FIRE in sold-out theaters.
  10. Standard member vivify
    26 May '18 13:31 / 6 edits
    Originally posted by @metal-brain
    Do you want Mike Pence to be president? That is what will happen if Trump is impeached. I don't care much for Trump either, but Pence is a warmonger.
    I'm tired of hearing that about how we shouldn't get rid of Trump because X person is worse. No one is worse than Trump. "Bernie Bros" and Jill Stein voters make excuses by claiming Hillary would've been worse. That's all BS.

    Trump is the most dangerously incompetent president in U.S. history, by FAR. This is not my opinion; this is a demonstrable fact that not even conservatives argue against. Trump's extreme lack of intelligence is notorious; his baby-like attention span that's only lengthened if he hears is name is well known, and often reported. And most dangerousl off all, Trump is the only sitting president who suffers ZERO repercussions for frequently lying, because Americans no longer care when he's pointed out to be a liar. And I haven't even mentioned his corruption, racism, sexism, and other moral severe moral failings.

    We can't have a president who is immune to ridicule like Trump; combined with his incompetence and absence of moral, he has can potentially do ANYTHING, no matter how terrible. He has seriously destabilized the Middle East by declaring Jerusalem Israel's capital; many people have died in protests, including children. The peace process between Israelis and Palestinians has been reverted back decades. Iran will now start building nuclear weapons because Trump pulled out of the Nuclear Deal; that's going to be DISASTROUS considering all the wars they back as proxies against Saudi Arabia. Trump has also fueled their anger against Israel with his embassy move.

    The U.S. economy has a time bomb thanks to his tax break for the rich, paid for by the poor.

    Trump bullied countries by threatening action if they didn't support his Jerusalem policy.

    He's selected people like Betsy Devos and Scott Pruitt, whose accomplishments include legalizing chemicals that cause brain cancer in children, and funneling money out of public schools (who badly need it) to private schools, filling the admin's pockets. Everyone---I mean EVERYONE Trump selects for public office has been shown to be either woefully unqualified (Devos, Ben Carson, Kathleen Hartnet (chosen for an government environmental sector, who couldn't answer basic science questions), are ardent bigots like William Otis, believe in Torture in Like "Bloody" Gina Haspel, or corrupt to the core like....Mike Pence, who got into a scandal for pocketing campaign contributions and buying a house a with it.

    The U.S., already hated before Trump, has become infinitely more ridiculed, after pulling out of the Paris Accord, Trump mocking world leaders like Angela Merkel, Macron, feuded with Theresa, has a bitter shouting match with the Australian Prime Minister, tried to force the Mexican president to pay for a 20 billion dollar wall, shoved the PM of Montenegro, admitted lying to Justin Trudeau....


    So how could Pence be any worse? Because he's a religious nut? Because he's anti-gay? Everything about Pence is merely par for the course when it comes to Republicans.

    Trump is a is a pariah whose stupidity is deadly, especially since Republicans control all the houses. He's emboldened white supremacists to go public with their hatred, and has destroyed families of immigrants with ICE as his Gestapo. He has no problem starting wars, as shown by "fire and fury" and launching hordes of Rockets into Syria just because he thinks it makes him look tough.

    Get him the fck out of office.
  11. Subscriber Suzianne
    Misfit Queen
    26 May '18 13:49
    Originally posted by @mott-the-hoople
    Most here are against Trump...there is a reason. He is standing up for something they don't most here queer? Just what does he stand for that you disapprove of?
    What he stands for is the worst part of America: the unrepentant, unmitigated, unfair, unapologetic greed which separates those who are obscenely wealthy from the average, hard-working, just-trying-to-feed-their-family Americans who are the real people who made this country great.
  12. Subscriber BigDoggProblem
    The Advanced Mind
    26 May '18 17:15
    Originally posted by @romans1009
    Saying someone is able to do that is not the same as saying they decide if it gets done.
    You're an idiot.
  13. 20 May '18 06:49
    I think before getting too upset about the cost of the wedding to the taxpayer, one should take into account the amount of revenue generated for the exchequer. Anyway some things are in my humble opinion worth paying for; this is history in the making, pomp and circumstance, and it's something which we Brits do better than anyone else. Long may it remain so!
  14. Standard member Hand of Hecate
    Merciless Vagabond
    20 May '18 13:34
    Originally posted by @very-rusty
    No, you are saying you have no arms or legs which you have, so you are making fun of people without their limbs.

    Why do you think I have arms and legs?
  15. Standard member Hand of Hecate
    Merciless Vagabond
    20 May '18 13:35
    Originally posted by @very-rusty
    LOL...Kettle calling the pot black....Everyone who has known you over the past decade knows what an A-Hole you are!!!

    I am loved by all.