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Parents Lose Custody of Daughter in Transgender...8120 Feb '18 18:31PhilokaliaThinkOfOne
Another school shooting15620 Feb '18 18:25mchillshavixmir
When guns are banned..5320 Feb '18 17:02Mott The Hooplewolfgang59
Is the emoluments clause enforceable?120 Feb '18 16:30mchillmchill
Meuller investigation falling apart...2320 Feb '18 16:20Mott The HoopleHandyAndy
Schools vs. Government buildings2920 Feb '18 10:59whodeyShallow Blue
CNN Loses 30% of Primetime Viewers3820 Feb '18 07:01PhilokaliaSoothfast
Mueller is flipping another Trump staffer5120 Feb '18 02:29mchillHandyAndy
Anniversary of Dresden bombing4519 Feb '18 23:10AshiitakaJS357
Happy birthday Lincoln?7719 Feb '18 19:37whodeywolfgang59
Were there Jewish perpetrators?919 Feb '18 17:21shavixmirHandyAndy
Trump continues blaming Obama1219 Feb '18 16:12vivifyno1marauder
Crazy left wants Thomas impeached along with Tr...319 Feb '18 16:05whodeyno1marauder
FBI...warned718 Feb '18 20:40Mott The Hooplemghrn55
What should Mueller investigate now?818 Feb '18 15:13whodeyMott The Hoople
Mueller investigation far from over218 Feb '18 15:01mchillMott The Hoople
Schools say no more best friends?1518 Feb '18 13:57whodeyKazetNagorra
Heroin of the left...3318 Feb '18 04:01Mott The Hooplewolfgang59
Trump, guns and "mental illness"1417 Feb '18 21:23vivifyGhost of a Duke
The Legacy of Socialism in Venezuela: Thousands...6216 Feb '18 17:57PhilokaliaKazetNagorra
Opt-in/opt-out for being an organ donor.4416 Feb '18 16:52Great King RatKazetNagorra
Tallinn to get a museum of communist crimes616 Feb '18 16:11PhilokaliaJS357
Australia PM bans ministers from sex with staff2716 Feb '18 12:26wolfgang59kmax87
True Diversity316 Feb '18 05:32whodeyshavixmir
How can they make Valentines day on a Weds?815 Feb '18 21:32whodeywolfgang59
Education in the hands of Politicians (UK)3215 Feb '18 13:47wolfgang59Shallow Blue
If it Weren't for the Union...215 Feb '18 11:43Wajomashavixmir
Budget deal4015 Feb '18 11:23ZahlanziShallow Blue
Major Democrat Says NO To Super PACS915 Feb '18 11:05Zahlanziwolfgang59
Trumps America First! Unhuh.2515 Feb '18 10:35KingDavid403shavixmir