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Socialism for beginners603 Feb '23 19:02ZahlanziPhranny
Fiscal Restraint1203 Feb '23 19:00wildgrassMott The Hoople
Compromised president...703 Feb '23 18:58Mott The HoopleMott The Hoople
Tell Us Again About Respecting Islamic Cultures3903 Feb '23 18:46JJ AdamsAThousandYoung
Why gain of function research?2403 Feb '23 18:13Metal BrainMott The Hoople
What more do you libs want.2803 Feb '23 18:09AverageJoe1AverageJoe1
Interesting quotes of modern times...403 Feb '23 17:18BoogerAverageJoe1
Germany declares war against Russia8603 Feb '23 16:55Metal Brainno1marauder
College Professor Says Math Is Racist, Anti-Gay...9703 Feb '23 14:32JJ AdamsMott The Hoople
Sam Smith103 Feb '23 14:27yo its meyo its me
Does anyone know this young man, with the black...203 Feb '23 13:15AverageJoe1JJ Adams
Bye Bye Ugly Omar4703 Feb '23 10:22Boogerkevcvs57
Traffic Stop Etiquette7903 Feb '23 07:17JJ AdamsKevin Eleven
Baker loses appeal, transgirl wanted s’thing he...8303 Feb '23 05:45AverageJoe1AThousandYoung
Ya know603 Feb '23 02:00Mott The HoopleKilroy70
Questions about Paul Pelosi attack13102 Feb '23 22:35Metal Brainmoonbus
I support Biden on this2602 Feb '23 19:59Metal BrainAverageJoe1
Recession?202 Feb '23 17:23Kilroy70Mott The Hoople
Depopulate the world9102 Feb '23 04:48Metal BrainMetal Brain
The wolves sense weakness…602 Feb '23 02:24Mott The Hoopleshavixmir
Who owns a field on Mars?9902 Feb '23 02:05no1marauderAverageJoe1
5 million dollars per person not enough, says S...1001 Feb '23 17:50JJ AdamsAverageJoe1
Great modern parable you will love301 Feb '23 17:09AverageJoe1kevcvs57
New Members come join the Booger Club2301 Feb '23 01:20JJ AdamsBooger
The stench that clings3231 Jan '23 23:46divegeesterBooger
the illusion of lipstick26831 Jan '23 14:38the grifterAverageJoe1
Governing VS Garnering Votes 1/31/23131 Jan '23 12:39PhrannyPhranny
Pfizer Executive: ‘Mutate’ COVID via ‘Directed ...3331 Jan '23 10:10Metal BrainKellyJay
This will make your blood boil1831 Jan '23 08:24JJ Adamskevcvs57
Anyone care zombie repubs have ZERO policy?331 Jan '23 00:53sonhouseMott The Hoople

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