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Debates Forum

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Why I believe Kavanaugh119 Sep '18 02:50whodeywhodey
Brett Kavanaugh and Alleged Sexual Assault11319 Sep '18 02:49Duchess64Duchess64
When Minorities Become the Majority5419 Sep '18 02:22Duchess64chaney3
Is Donald Trump a Fascist?619 Sep '18 01:48Duchess64Duchess64
Somali Muslim Cop Hired After Being Found Unsta...1719 Sep '18 00:28PhilokaliaPhilokalia
Easy to troll11018 Sep '18 22:26JS357chaney3
Education1018 Sep '18 20:08wolfgang59Wajoma
The Other 9/11: The USA's Killing Democracy in ...15218 Sep '18 20:01Duchess64Duchess64
Difichi518 Sep '18 18:54Mott The Hoopleno1marauder
Low unemployment rate causes recessions?8418 Sep '18 18:54Metal BrainMetal Brain
Why did Diane Feinstein withhold the allegation...1418 Sep '18 18:46whodeyMetal Brain
Sorry libs...418 Sep '18 12:56Mott The HoopleMott The Hoople
Trump in the context of Cosby.718 Sep '18 09:16kmax87kmax87
Trump should have listened to Mcconnell218 Sep '18 08:15mchillMetal Brain
John Kerry colludes with Iranian government718 Sep '18 06:37whodeyKazetNagorra
Another 'Me Too' Woman Speaks Out4418 Sep '18 00:10Duchess64Mott The Hoople
American Universities and sexual assault1017 Sep '18 19:31whodeymoonbus
"Bob Woodward: 'Too many people are emotionally...1517 Sep '18 19:17Duchess64moonbus
IS another US financial crisis on the way?717 Sep '18 15:47Metal BrainMetal Brain
Dims try to assassinate a GOP Congressional can...1617 Sep '18 15:18whodeywhodey
Protesting Dims117 Sep '18 15:01whodeywhodey
Brexit: is a 2nd referendum?22717 Sep '18 12:47shavixmirkmax87
"Americans Aren’t Practicing Democracy Anymore"1917 Sep '18 11:56Duchess64moonbus
Heather MacDonald: Rape Epidemic is Hallucinato...5217 Sep '18 08:20PhilokaliaWajoma
The NHS is great1316 Sep '18 19:56wolfgang59wolfgang59
Another Trump weasel ready to flip??2416 Sep '18 17:16mchillMetal Brain
The big hurricane lie1216 Sep '18 17:07Metal BrainMetal Brain
Les Wexner leaves the GOP216 Sep '18 15:52whodeymchill
How corriculum is decided in public schools1016 Sep '18 15:39whodeyGreat King Rat
Does Harrison Ford make a good preacher?416 Sep '18 02:44whodeymchill