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Debates Forum

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Mccain Brain Tumor6425 Jul '17 08:23EladarEladar
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Rest in Peace, Charlie Gard50825 Jul '17 05:58sh76shavixmir
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2017 International Mathematical Olympiad2225 Jul '17 00:21Duchess64Wajoma
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How Big Should Government Be? Left vs. Right #16724 Jul '17 22:32checkbaiterAThousandYoung
Drug Culture Pulling Society Down4824 Jul '17 19:21EladarAThousandYoung
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Public stupidity123 Jul '17 06:59lemon limelemon lime
Iranian Woman Mathematician Dies of Breast Canc...2122 Jul '17 18:13Duchess64Duchess64
Public nudity8622 Jul '17 16:30moonbusmoonbus
Special Counsel's Investigation Expanding722 Jul '17 13:53mchillmchill
Beyond hilarious2022 Jul '17 10:49whodeyShallow Blue
Suspected Murder at an American University1921 Jul '17 17:31Duchess64Duchess64
Troops, Trolls and Troublemakers...1821 Jul '17 16:25FreakyKBHwhodey
What has changed with Obamacare?2921 Jul '17 12:31whodeyKazetNagorra
Large breasts... more divorces1821 Jul '17 11:58shavixmirshavixmir
Russian Nationalistic Culture1920 Jul '17 23:03Duchess64sonhouse
Jeff Sessions expands forfeiture laws in US.1020 Jul '17 15:36sonhouseEladar
More fake news about Russia??7720 Jul '17 15:22mchillinfomast
Cutting 10% of the nation off1120 Jul '17 12:16mchillfinnegan
Maybe its not racial1319 Jul '17 20:24kmax87Duchess64
Slavery2319 Jul '17 19:02kquinn909Duchess64
Transgender confusion in children7619 Jul '17 04:16whodeyjoe beyser
The best Fox News explanations for Trump Jr.’s ...418 Jul '17 08:25ZahlanziZahlanzi
How These 'Entitled' Millennials Want Jobs That...6218 Jul '17 01:12ZahlanziZahlanzi
IS! IT! RACIST!!??13718 Jul '17 00:58Great King RatWajoma
Trump Helping the Little Guy2117 Jul '17 10:38Eladarfinnegan
More Catholic sex abuse charges1816 Jul '17 13:43whodeywhodey