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Come and let us pity white people.5821 May '22 01:52SuzianneAverageJoe1
Population control1621 May '22 01:50Metal BrainMetal Brain
Bush admits Iraq war crimes1221 May '22 01:49shavixmirMetal Brain
Anyone here ok with US not being democracy?621 May '22 01:47sonhouseAverageJoe1
Propaganda or not propaganda?8221 May '22 01:45Metal BrainMetal Brain
Embrace South America121 May '22 01:40CapaCrapaCapaCrapa
Justifying the Unjustified War8721 May '22 01:38EintaluJMetal Brain
Justices threatened with murder?3221 May '22 01:36AverageJoe1jimm619
Judge Forces Biden To Keep Title 42 in Place1321 May '22 01:25AverageJoe1AverageJoe1
Mastriano more trumpy than Trump1021 May '22 00:50sonhouseEarl of Trumps
$100 for a tank of gas6121 May '22 00:27JJ AdamsZahlanzi
Hunter: Episode 17. Plethora of emails, videos2820 May '22 23:26AverageJoe1jimm619
Russian soldier convicted of war crime1420 May '22 22:53vivifykevcvs57
Psaki replacement READS, just like Biden does?!2020 May '22 21:11AverageJoe1Earl of Trumps
Was Ukraine joining NATO ever realistic?7120 May '22 17:36vivifyno1marauder
Trump poisoned the entire republican party.1820 May '22 11:50sonhouseAverageJoe1
If men got pregnant4820 May '22 10:42Suziannekevcvs57
A Clear Issue of Tucker Lies5820 May '22 03:21AverageJoe1shavixmir
Monkeypox519 May '22 22:38Metal BrainMetal Brain
Americans like Putin more than Biden1519 May '22 22:30Metal BrainMetal Brain
NATO members have veto power4419 May '22 22:22Metal Brainsonhouse
Plot to blow up Dem headquarters2619 May '22 20:54vivifytechsouth
The Family Values Continue1019 May '22 20:45jimm619sh76
How can gov decide what is acceptable speech?11219 May '22 20:38AverageJoe1Metal Brain
Same Old GOP Stuff...Criticize and Obstruct2419 May '22 15:10jimm619Liljo
Now you can Legally Bribe Them3219 May '22 13:14jimm619jimm619
How do you even deal...619 May '22 12:13Mott The Hooplekevcvs57
Missouri bill outlawing out-of-state abortion14219 May '22 11:54vivifySleepyguy
Any thoughts on rising prices for everything?2819 May '22 10:06AverageJoe1KellyJay
Canada's War Against Women.3519 May '22 05:18CapaCrapavivify

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