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Debates Forum

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Man shot in the back by police officers1618 Oct '17 18:24Zahlanzisonhouse
FBI uncovers Russian bribery plot1318 Oct '17 18:09whodeywhodey
Identity Politics Fails with Weinstein918 Oct '17 18:03finnegankmax87
Are Progressives the master race?3018 Oct '17 13:44whodeywhodey
Greedy women enabled Weinstein1918 Oct '17 11:54Metal Brainwhodey
Harvey Weinstein hypocrisy17118 Oct '17 07:26mchillGhost of a Duke
Harvey Weinstein saga4318 Oct '17 06:18whodeyAThousandYoung
California to lower test scores on Bar exam3117 Oct '17 22:54whodeyfinnegan
History lesson about Social Security11517 Oct '17 14:27whodeywhodey
Economic sanctions won't work against NK1017 Oct '17 08:58whodeyfinnegan
Largest Nazi march in Sweden since WW217516 Oct '17 22:47finneganAThousandYoung
Fascists vs Communists3316 Oct '17 22:18Eladarfinnegan
THIS is rage: Drug co. pushing opioids.2416 Oct '17 18:25sonhousesonhouse
Is our planet's size and distance coincidental?14916 Oct '17 15:50mchillHandyAndy
Harvey and Bill1216 Oct '17 14:12kmax87kmax87
Superstition overload516 Oct '17 14:07whodeyshavixmir
Equifax (Last week tonight)116 Oct '17 09:11ZahlanziZahlanzi
Entire Steeler team boycotts national anthem.16814 Oct '17 20:18whodeyAThousandYoung
Terrorist stopped!2514 Oct '17 20:06AThousandYoungAThousandYoung
Weinstein's contract214 Oct '17 00:57whodeyFreakyKBH
Politics, Religion, and Lies313 Oct '17 18:38mchillvivify
Should all Seinfeld reruns be pulled?3213 Oct '17 02:19whodeyDuchess64
Migrant madness19313 Oct '17 00:29finneganfinnegan
Kim Jong Nam1212 Oct '17 19:31Metal BrainDuchess64
The "Republicans are hypocrites" thread9212 Oct '17 09:21vivifyZahlanzi
Libtard1412 Oct '17 01:39wolfgang59HandyAndy
Forced to Stand?112 Oct '17 00:49EladarEladar
Trump was a result of a white lash?3511 Oct '17 20:50whodeyvivify
Tension between U.S. and Turkey711 Oct '17 02:22vivifyDuchess64
Ghana and South Korea2211 Oct '17 01:38Duchess64Duchess64