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Debates Forum

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The 46 things used to prove White Privilege119 Jul '18 15:23uzlessuzless
Now we know what Trump knew before POTUS.619 Jul '18 15:20sonhouseuzless
Is immigration a "right"?4019 Jul '18 15:04uzlessuzless
Montenegro1119 Jul '18 13:50wolfgang59Shallow Blue
border wall...219 Jul '18 13:39Mott The Hoopleno1marauder
Global Basic Income2619 Jul '18 13:09Tom WolseyZahlanzi
18 U.S. Code § 2381 - Treason12019 Jul '18 12:44SuzianneMott The Hoople
London welcomes Trump17619 Jul '18 12:05wolfgang59Zahlanzi
Nothing about Corbyn719 Jul '18 11:59divegeesterdivegeester
Shocking119 Jul '18 11:51ZahlanziZahlanzi
the real russia collusion...3219 Jul '18 07:14Mott The HoopleKazetNagorra
Say something nice about America:7319 Jul '18 06:22WOLFE63Suzianne
Will this finally move the needle?3619 Jul '18 06:17mchillPhilokalia
Say something nice about Russia:2719 Jul '18 01:31WOLFE63AThousandYoung
dems want a war with russia...619 Jul '18 00:11Mott The Hooplesonhouse
Top 1%418 Jul '18 23:56whodeysonhouse
Ted Kennedy's Soviet Gambit818 Jul '18 23:54whodeysonhouse
"Let's drop the euphemisms: Donald Trump is a r...4118 Jul '18 22:42Duchess64WOLFE63
Disgraceful meeting, Trump and Putin7718 Jul '18 21:00sonhouseMetal Brain
Trump verses Obama reaction to Russian interfer...418 Jul '18 20:07whodeyJS357
NRA and it's dirty little secrets418 Jul '18 19:31mchillTom Wolsey
A mounting wall street worry3918 Jul '18 17:50mchillEladar
Did the B’s have it about right?318 Jul '18 17:15JS357JS357
Puppet government theory2718 Jul '18 17:14Metal BrainMetal Brain
Pardon for ranchers.1018 Jul '18 14:55wolfgang59no1marauder
The Trump Doctrine6318 Jul '18 13:20kmax87kmax87
CIA instigated coup in Ukraine118 Jul '18 05:38kquinn909kquinn909
Say something nice about the U.K:2018 Jul '18 04:00WOLFE63Tom Wolsey
Bet mueller will run from this offer...10818 Jul '18 03:24Mott The HoopleTom Wolsey
Cia's umbrage1617 Jul '18 22:53Metal BrainMetal Brain