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if left up to the posters here...4815 Dec '17 12:10Mott The HoopleMott The Hoople
Obama Presidency...615 Dec '17 12:06Mott The HoopleMott The Hoople
Why are sexual sins so much worse?2415 Dec '17 12:03whodeydivegeester
Sore loser Roy Moore won't concede1715 Dec '17 11:59mchillMott The Hoople
Evil has been defeated in Alabama7815 Dec '17 09:50whodeyShallow Blue
Harvey Weinstein saga8215 Dec '17 08:56whodeyGhost of a Duke
Some interesting personalities here4715 Dec '17 05:03mchillshavixmir
Alabama Senate race predictions7415 Dec '17 00:33mchillEladar
Youve Got To Be kidding....1614 Dec '17 21:03Bobla45Mott The Hoople
Is Donald Trump's IQ Too High for His Own Good?3014 Dec '17 13:59Duchess64shavixmir
Rut Ro. Chucky Schumer on the chopping block2914 Dec '17 11:16whodeykmax87
Moving the capital to Jerusalem714 Dec '17 01:18whodeySuzianne
A question that has to be asked3214 Dec '17 00:28whodeyGreat King Rat
"How white engineers built racist code – and wh...7914 Dec '17 00:22Duchess64Zahlanzi
State Department still won't recognize Jerusale...913 Dec '17 19:10whodeymchill
Trump names Jerusalem Israel’s capital?12813 Dec '17 17:53JS357shavixmir
California governor says fire is the new normal...313 Dec '17 17:37whodeymchill
JFK Truth is out there29313 Dec '17 16:35finneganwhodey
Kim Jong-Un wants peace, USA wants war8713 Dec '17 16:26Metal BrainMott The Hoople
RHP's Non-American members28313 Dec '17 15:35vivifyJS357
Deep state?3812 Dec '17 18:58whodeywolfgang59
The "Republicans are hypocrites" thread11612 Dec '17 18:24vivifyMott The Hoople
Brexit: Rand Corp Study412 Dec '17 11:43wolfgang59kmax87
Nomiki Konst is fierce112 Dec '17 10:00ZahlanziZahlanzi
Forced sterilizatin of Native Americans?1511 Dec '17 12:35whodeyMott The Hoople
Kansas - Economic Miracle1511 Dec '17 01:27wolfgang59vivify
Should Bill Clinton have been removed?3611 Dec '17 00:24whodeyEladar
Federal Concealed Carry Law1210 Dec '17 23:31no1marauderSuzianne
Roy Moore9510 Dec '17 22:53lemondropZahlanzi
Sweet Jesus: republicans should be shot2310 Dec '17 21:03shavixmirMott The Hoople