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So, nobody mentioning Nambia then?3225 Sep '17 14:46shavixmirFreakyKBH
Florence Mayhem1425 Sep '17 14:43finneganptriple42
Entire Steeler team boycotts national anthem.5425 Sep '17 13:55whodeywhodey
Ready and Willing to destroy North Korea5225 Sep '17 11:48stevemccfinnegan
Should the U.S. allow referendums?125 Sep '17 10:35vivifyvivify
James Baldwin and Margaret Mead625 Sep '17 09:33Duchess64finnegan
I've looked at Trump from both sides now5525 Sep '17 08:30shavixmirdivegeester
Rape. Is it ever right to question the actions ...21924 Sep '17 20:51huckleberryhoundDuchess64
Lack of Ethnic Diversity7424 Sep '17 20:20joe shmoDuchess64
Why the USA backed French Empire1024 Sep '17 19:35Metal BrainDuchess64
Trump's America is stupid, and proud of it!!1824 Sep '17 19:26mchillDuchess64
France may ban catcalling324 Sep '17 18:40vivifyvivify
The UK bans Uber?524 Sep '17 17:00whodeyEladar
Socialism sucks2124 Sep '17 10:34wolfgang59finnegan
Political Compass Test20023 Sep '17 04:04vivifyWajoma
Personality Type N vs S3622 Sep '17 22:41EladarEladar
'The most persecuted people in the world.'?1222 Sep '17 19:05Duchess64Duchess64
Is chess racist?4022 Sep '17 17:40whodeyDuchess64
Global warming1222 Sep '17 14:06kquinn909whodey
Times Square Bomb1222 Sep '17 00:28Christopher AlbonFreakyKBH
"Face-reading AI will be able to detect your po...321 Sep '17 22:03Duchess64divegeester
D64 vacation2721 Sep '17 20:13kquinn909finnegan
CO2 greens deserts3821 Sep '17 18:25Metal BrainMetal Brain
More left winged university insanity3820 Sep '17 18:31whodeyDuchess64
How the US handles hurricanes320 Sep '17 12:06kquinn909Wajoma
How Cuba Does Hurricanes3919 Sep '17 19:52finneganDuchess64
The Chinese and Chess919 Sep '17 11:08mchillmchill
Climate change denier to head NASA2619 Sep '17 11:06vivifysonhouse
Teachers afraid to teach about 9/111519 Sep '17 10:21whodeymchill
Racists Furious Over Superman3118 Sep '17 18:57vivifysonhouse