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  1. Zugzwang
    08 Jun '07
    19 Sep '18 22:282 edits
    To all the smug white Americans, this is about how some of the Other have to live:

    "'The violence is always there': life as a Sikh in Trump's America
    American Sikhs have long borne the brunt of bigotry and hate, but the
    recent surge is being called ‘the most dangerous ever’"

    "Many Sikh civil rights groups believe that the Trump presidency is to blame for a 17% spike
    in anti-Sikh violence since the 2016 election, as well as a deluge of other discriminatory
    incidents in the workplace, in housing, in schools, at airport security checkpoints.
    The president’s inflammatory language about immigrants and foreigners, they say, has
    made official profiling more prevalent and emboldened racists to speak and act more openly."

    "The paradox for American Sikhs is that their religion is one of peace and tolerance and
    social activism, yet because of their appearance – especially the men, with their bright clothing
    and unshorn hair and turbans and decorative bracelets and daggers – they have borne
    a disproportionate brunt of American hostility, ignorance and racism for more than a century."

    "During the Iranian hostage crisis in the early 1980s, many Americans would yell “Ayatollah!”
    and “Go back to Iran!”, and many Sikhs responded by removing their headwear and cutting their hair.
    After September 11, many were frequently victims of racist attacks aimed at Muslims in
    an atmosphere of kneejerk anti-Islamic hostility; they were beaten, shot at, and in some
    cases killed. And so the cycle has continued."

    "Valarie Kaur, a Los Angeles-based lawyer and Sikh activist, concurred. “The current
    surge is the most dangerous we have seen, because it is fueled by an an administration
    that has mainstreamed profiling and bigotry in words and actions,” she said.
    “We are five times more likely today to be targets of hate than before 9/11.”"

    On account of persecution by right-wing Hindu nationalists in the Punjab, more Sikhs are fleeing,
    resulting in more Sikhs attempting to enter the USA from Mexico and winding up in detention.