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  1. Zugzwang
    08 Jun '07
    05 Oct '18 19:47

    "Are Americans finally ready to stop treating business tycoons like superheroes?"

    "I hope that it will contribute to the end of our naive glorification of tycoons."

    "The idea that any American can rise to the top through hard work and smarts
    is a founding element of our national myth. That helps to explain
    why we tend to celebrate our business leaders to such an excessive degree."

    "He [Donald Trump] has a track record of manipulating gullible
    media to inflate his own achievements. He has made most of his
    money in real estate, a notoriously opaque and poorly policed sector
    of the economy (as the Times report shows). And he has leveraged
    his wealth and notoriety to bring himself (and his equally privileged
    entourage) to the summit of power."