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Oscar Wilde revived9224 Apr '18 19:46hakimaTorunn
Quotes You Like21324 Apr '18 19:18Grampy BobbyTorunn
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connecting cities72724 Apr '18 14:23lemondropPonderable
weren't we all supposed to die today??824 Apr '18 14:20rookie54rookie54
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Russ the Code Monkey?724 Apr '18 08:15uzlessPonderable
Where are you off to on holidays in 2018?5224 Apr '18 06:15Trev33Torunn
Impossible challenge24424 Apr '18 04:42coquettecoquette
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three rights924 Apr '18 02:50apathistwolfgang59
this guy's karma...223 Apr '18 23:47rookie54apathist
Jokes87023 Apr '18 18:58phil3000whodey
rock n roll lyrics as philosophy...9123 Apr '18 17:36rookie54Torunn
The three word never ending story258423 Apr '18 17:10PonderableGreat Big Stees
ThreeWordAssociationGame74923 Apr '18 17:06LEURGreat Big Stees
Zakynthos, a Greek island222 Apr '18 21:29vanderveldeapathist
Notable death15822 Apr '18 02:14Ponderableapathist
What are you reading?54221 Apr '18 16:58NoEarthlyReasonTorunn
What are you listening to?197320 Apr '18 22:22drewnogalsonhouse
RHP, - Way Back Then3520 Apr '18 07:56mwmillerShallow Blue
The Speech that broke the internet!3320 Apr '18 07:45uzlessShallow Blue
jimslyp forum killing champion51819 Apr '18 10:23Sicilian Sausagewolfgang59
Hello1718 Apr '18 14:38GambrelPonderable
Just finished818 Apr '18 11:19ogbwolfgang59
funny quotes8017 Apr '18 00:55Ponderablerookie54
how cops react to bad WHITE boy:2016 Apr '18 19:05sonhousesonhouse
You have to watch this. 5 stars hands down!1214 Apr '18 16:49uzlessPonderable