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NASA, credit to female black mathematician:124 Sep '17 16:12sonhousesonhouse
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Sticky Thread Game1135422 Sep '17 21:32Ice ColdVery Rusty
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chess connections36822 Sep '17 15:31lemondropTorunn
10 Amazing women now forgotten:322 Sep '17 13:31sonhousePonderable
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breakthrough in electric guitar strings!122 Sep '17 11:38sonhousesonhouse
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What happens to plastic surgeons519 Sep '17 07:24vanderveldeTorunn
Pan American Highway518 Sep '17 15:26lemondropHandyAndy
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Guy married video game character617 Sep '17 16:53vivifyC J Horse
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Harry Dean Stanton dies616 Sep '17 21:46divegeesterdivegeester