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"green"plastics?623 Apr '24 22:13Ponderableyo its me
Playing games for science219 Apr '24 22:27Ponderablesonhouse
Metal Brain must be gone, 158 days, no moves2119 Apr '24 22:27sonhousesonhouse
Covid vaccination1018 Apr '24 15:53Ponderablesonhouse
So, what time is it on the moon?1815 Apr '24 13:34Pianoman1sonhouse
Anyone know how a quantum comp gets answers?1212 Apr '24 05:13sonhousesonhouse
Total eclipse almost here309 Apr '24 01:23sonhouseFartacus
The galaxy should have been fully colonized man...13924 Mar '24 19:22Mihaisonhouse
First time two AI's talked to each other correc...118 Mar '24 20:03sonhousesonhouse
The science of denial3913 Mar '24 20:00Metal Brainsonhouse
New Condor telescope sees faint features113 Mar '24 14:38sonhousesonhouse
Japan making unmanned lunar landing attempt912 Mar '24 18:34sonhousesonhouse
NASA JUNO probe around IO Dec. 30.321 Feb '24 06:48sonhousesonhouse
Buzz Aldrin admits moon landing scam43114 Feb '24 05:25divegeestersonhouse
Cause of inflammation found, faulty DNA108 Feb '24 14:18sonhousesonhouse
Global warming analyses explained1004 Feb '24 12:09shavixmirKewpie
Back to Physics703 Feb '24 19:47adam warlocksonhouse
Fossil, 400 million year old tree found unlike ...103 Feb '24 19:21sonhousesonhouse
Black Holes + JuMBOs = Dark Matter?7411 Jan '24 05:24Soothfastsonhouse
Spying using microwaves3408 Jan '24 01:38Metal Brainsonhouse
Future of lenses, flat, VERY flat.1004 Jan '24 07:00sonhousesonhouse
Small Brown Dwarf found830 Dec '23 07:30Ponderablesonhouse
Why is there a hole in ozone over Antarctica721 Dec '23 03:36AverageJoe1AThousandYoung
10 TRILLION frames per second camera116 Dec '23 07:08sonhousesonhouse
New theory uniting Einstein with quantum mechan...104 Dec '23 18:02sonhousesonhouse
MOND in trouble504 Dec '23 04:22sonhouseMetal Brain
MOND maybe explains Hubble Tension104 Dec '23 00:03sonhousesonhouse
Graphene1830 Nov '23 22:23boononSoothfast
Cool video on synchronicity1424 Nov '23 18:06JJ Adamsvivify
when exotic findings become mormalcy412 Nov '23 23:32Ponderablesonhouse

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