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Sergei Skripal poisoning2524 Apr '18 18:49Metal BrainKazetNagorra
Human Evolution Did Not Stop Long Ago1324 Apr '18 18:20Duchess64Duchess64
Propaganda and lies from PBS' Nova3724 Apr '18 15:36Metal BrainKazetNagorra
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Energy Through Nuclear Fusion822 Apr '18 23:38Duchess64sonhouse
gravitons10421 Apr '18 02:45ogbMetal Brain
Millions of tons of rare earth elements found:720 Apr '18 23:19sonhousesonhouse
Superspintronics920 Apr '18 06:32humyhumy
New class of antibiotics916 Apr '18 19:13humysonhouse
Maunder minimum15315 Apr '18 08:40Metal BrainMetal Brain
Travelers114 Apr '18 22:09ogbogb
Word of the day,"Plasmomechanical oscillator'109 Apr '18 22:59sonhousesonhouse
A spin-3/2 particle superconductor discovered209 Apr '18 17:47humysonhouse
Dark matter not interacting at all perhaps507 Apr '18 19:19sonhousesonhouse
Old farts grow new brain cells too:105 Apr '18 19:29sonhousesonhouse
Lifespan and evolution part 21105 Apr '18 01:36Metal BrainMetal Brain
Uncertainty principal: mean square momentum2305 Apr '18 00:52Metal BrainDeepThought
Saudi Arabia push to solar energy504 Apr '18 15:08humysonhouse
how fast at the poles2803 Apr '18 15:28ogbsonhouse
Engineering questions601 Apr '18 23:09kquinn909sonhouse
Attack on the Riemann Hypothesis601 Apr '18 00:20ptoblersonhouse
word of the day: Retrosynthesis330 Mar '18 18:06sonhousesonhouse
Calorie restriction829 Mar '18 14:17wildgrasswildgrass
Math TOE, Langlands gets Abel prize324 Mar '18 13:02sonhousesonhouse
Smart dust, close to reality:423 Mar '18 01:47sonhouseDeepThought
Where Has the Kinetic Energy Gone?921 Mar '18 17:28joe shmojoe shmo
Richard Dawkins wants to be a cannibal1621 Mar '18 14:25whodeyapathist
solar cells now economic even in Norway!221 Mar '18 05:41humysonhouse
Self driving cars, going to car wash?1820 Mar '18 01:06sonhousesonhouse