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Last year's Denmark's wind power record-setter109 Jan '18 16:10humyhumy
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Maths question; What is the formula for this se...1404 Jan '18 10:10humyhumy
Speed breeding crops, 6X faster!103 Jan '18 13:32sonhousesonhouse
Language-thought relationship502 Jan '18 18:55wildgrasswildgrass
flat metalens focuses visual specrum, high res.302 Jan '18 13:25sonhousesonhouse
500 page math 'proof'' nobody understands:2729 Dec '17 03:32sonhouseHandyAndy
Question re dyslexic representation in pupil sa...8323 Dec '17 21:57Rank outsiderEladar
Blockchains2022 Dec '17 18:25shavixmirsonhouse
higgs singlet622 Dec '17 15:19ogbDeepThought
Birthday of a great man: Ramanujan122 Dec '17 14:31sonhousesonhouse
Evolution and the Giraffe3121 Dec '17 20:44EladarEladar
Triple range of electric vehicles?:321 Dec '17 15:54sonhousehumy
do these maths expressions simplify?1115 Dec '17 10:59humyhumy
Laser fusion with H2/b. no radioactivity.113 Dec '17 23:39sonhousesonhouse
Anthropogenic global warming myth48912 Dec '17 20:53Metal BrainMetal Brain
Question about high energy neutrinos:1712 Dec '17 20:46sonhousesonhouse
Why was the Pliocene so warm?1308 Dec '17 16:40Metal BrainMetal Brain
Word of the day: Welytronics108 Dec '17 13:44sonhousesonhouse
Zwitterionic spirocyclic Meisenheimer complex 1908 Dec '17 11:56sonhousesonhouse
hyperbaric O2 treating Alzheimers, maybe others105 Dec '17 21:43sonhousesonhouse