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Site Ideas Forum

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sorting of games421 Aug '18 13:20Jason WrightJason Wright
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View potential rating change320 Aug '18 13:26PostapocalypticPetevenda
Sorting of "After move preference"220 Aug '18 09:24sbiniSuzianne
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How do you award Clan points719 Aug '18 11:45padgerpadger
Name the Opening/Defense306 Aug '18 14:02uzlessShallow Blue
message on inability to set up clan challenge124 Jul '18 14:24PonderablePonderable
Make the Letters and Numbers around the chess b...709 Jul '18 20:27BrrrBrrr
Game notes209 Jul '18 20:24BrrrBrrr
Game of the Month707 Jul '18 22:16uzlessmoonbus
Skip this game for now130 Jun '18 09:55RagwortRagwort
Abolish the Blitz feature1029 Jun '18 14:03PonderableBigDoggProblem
Player status update327 Jun '18 16:41FlyingWolfRuss
Visibility Improvements1026 Jun '18 17:14KewpieRuss
Numerals or Rosettes?126 Jun '18 01:13Steve45Steve45
Taking rhp to a whole new level325 Jun '18 18:02BrrrBrrr
Test thread423 Jun '18 15:07divegeesterdivegeester
Time416 Jun '18 22:33PHLAIXKellyJay
"claim draw" option on main website page203 Jun '18 05:35BrrrKewpie
Vacation301 Jun '18 21:03Forest9Forest9
Animated Animations1628 May '18 03:51uzlessuzless
Annotaded Games1419 May '18 13:58BrrrBrrr
# of "read" in thread418 May '18 15:45uzlessVery Rusty
Forum search history1213 May '18 08:10divegeesterdivegeester
no title1807 May '18 06:13padgerKewpie
Club tourneys starting from ANY position1402 May '18 18:44BigDoggProblemBigDoggProblem
change the smiley face skin color326 Apr '18 22:07uzlessuzless
Show who has rec'd the post3726 Apr '18 05:26uzlessSuzianne