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Peace among the Religions7119 Jul '18 06:27CalJustFMF
god is evil8319 Jul '18 06:01apathistdivegeester
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Forum demeaner3618 Jul '18 04:56karoly aczeldivegeester
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god does not exist3617 Jul '18 16:56apathistKellyJay
Christianity in my life11317 Jul '18 14:48JS357Eladar
If God made us, why isn't this life enough?4617 Jul '18 03:55FMFFMF
What do angels eat?3217 Jul '18 03:15apathistwhodey
who I am in Christ716 Jul '18 18:52RBHILLsonship
Spirituality 10118816 Jul '18 16:36karoly aczelKellyJay
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Philosophy5316 Jul '18 04:39FMFPhilokalia
Humour2815 Jul '18 05:02stellspalfieapathist
Coming home2913 Jul '18 13:57divegeesterdivegeester
Why torturing people for eternity is right812 Jul '18 18:55divegeesterdivegeester
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The Effect on You of Annihilation?13012 Jul '18 13:57sonshipRajk999
Christiansplaining2012 Jul '18 06:30JS357Soothfast
Is God fair?13112 Jul '18 03:07KellyJayEladar
Atheist Circular Reasoning35811 Jul '18 22:07Tom Wolseyapathist
Being rich does not mean being wealthy1611 Jul '18 21:22karoly aczelkaroly aczel