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Where is Hell?803 Oct '22 21:10divegeestermedullah
Natural causes instead of unnatural1903 Oct '22 21:10KellyJaymchill
Once you are dead you are dead4603 Oct '22 19:21FMFKellyJay
Thought exercises: "God" exists...3803 Oct '22 16:42FMFFMF
What did Jesus sacrifice?14803 Oct '22 16:00FMFFMF
Taking the good20403 Oct '22 15:53KellyJayFMF
...189003 Oct '22 13:56rookie54rookie54
We Don't Know versus The Burden of Proof26403 Oct '22 09:34FMFKellyJay
One nation under Allah803 Oct '22 05:57FMFdivegeester
The Watchmaker Argument1203 Oct '22 04:50FMFmchill
There is injustice in the universe301 Oct '22 09:49FMFFMF
Where is heaven?730 Sep '22 21:21tearookie54
DeSantis's migrants: political theatre6330 Sep '22 08:35FMFdivegeester
1840: a slave kills his "owner"829 Sep '22 13:14FMFkevcvs57
Mystery is the enabler of theologies628 Sep '22 13:46FMFFMF
Do any ideas expressed on this forum qualify as...19928 Sep '22 05:09FMFdivegeester
Religion Science Materialism Philosophy Doctrin...827 Sep '22 08:26FMFFMF
Why Are Things Believed ?43626 Sep '22 10:15moonbusFMF
“The poor you will always have with you…”2125 Sep '22 07:37divegeesterdivegeester
Cultural infrastructure1324 Sep '22 09:07FMFmchill
Social media and a crisis of meaning1121 Sep '22 05:21FMFdivegeester
"Pres. Trump, The Son of Man - The Christ"1021 Sep '22 01:28FMFmoonbus
Attack on Salman Rushdie1418 Sep '22 00:07FMFAThousandYoung
Why your moral compass is important6417 Sep '22 14:14divegeesterdivegeester
Hitchens's Razor1615 Sep '22 11:22FMFmoonbus
Is there such a thing as …3613 Sep '22 06:45KellyJaydivegeester
Message to the Christian Churches812 Sep '22 22:04FMFmchill
Suzianne et al12810 Sep '22 10:19vistesd2divegeester
God changes his mind about destroying Nineveh2909 Sep '22 18:11divegeesterSoothfast
A creator entity's primary wish is...3104 Sep '22 02:34FMFFMF

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