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The "free gift"503 Feb '23 08:53FMFFMF
Assertions about The Unknowable God20303 Feb '23 07:22Kevin Elevendivegeester
But I'm stoned302 Feb '23 07:40karoly aczeldivegeester
...202501 Feb '23 14:20rookie54rookie54
Why much of the bible cannot be taken literally15931 Jan '23 07:18divegeesterdivegeester
Three Key questions about the Bible3829 Jan '23 11:15divegeesterdivegeester
Pelosi's Exorcism2726 Jan '23 19:33FMFdivegeester
Read a meme3526 Jan '23 15:28KellyJayBigDogg
to write some words or place some notes226 Jan '23 12:56Kevin Elevenjosephw
"Library of Alexandria in our pockets"1426 Jan '23 08:28FMFKevin Eleven
Theists having atheist friends1623 Jan '23 12:45FMFjosephw
Is grievance politics "sinful"?2622 Jan '23 10:28FMFFMF
A "dive" Christian9422 Jan '23 02:24chaney3FMF
The Emanator and Its relays1020 Jan '23 01:36Kevin Elevenjosephw
Attributes of God15917 Jan '23 11:06KellyJayFMF
Making Gods in Man's Image2717 Jan '23 09:44FMFIndonesia Phil
“I will write my law on their hearts”6516 Jan '23 06:09divegeesterdivegeester
If the universe has no beginning nor end...2812 Jan '23 04:05FMFKilroy70
Contrary evidence3107 Jan '23 04:22BigDoggKevin Eleven
Let's celebrate Passover806 Jan '23 14:08chaney3mchill
Joseph Ratzinger a.k.a. Pope Benedict1702 Jan '23 11:01FMFdivegeester
Happy New Year401 Jan '23 14:33KellyJayFMF
Merry Saturnalia801 Jan '23 04:33divegeesterKevin Eleven
To all posters in the Spiritual Forum1230 Dec '22 02:25Pianoman1Kevin Eleven
Two simple questions2528 Dec '22 10:49divegeesterdivegeester
All "evil" is equal1428 Dec '22 08:20FMFKevin Eleven
The Council of Nicea12524 Dec '22 10:06chaney3KellyJay
Origin of life2523 Dec '22 21:50chaney3FMF
Dive, FMF, KellyJay thread14723 Dec '22 00:34chaney3FMF
“Jesus was transgender” row3917 Dec '22 10:59divegeesterdivegeester

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