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Christ, the Ultimate Entitlement1219 Aug '17 16:18sonshipsonship
noah's ark23319 Aug '17 15:30apathistFabianFnas
Bible Free Will6419 Aug '17 15:18Eladardivegeester
atheism is stupid2919 Aug '17 13:52apathistKellyJay
Jesus wants some people damned21419 Aug '17 13:39EladarFabianFnas
Kumbaya My Lord819 Aug '17 13:25sonshipsonship
KNOWING that God exists7719 Aug '17 13:24apathistSuzianne
Life came from nonlife?2319 Aug '17 13:24RBHILLKazetNagorra
Universe's Origins14319 Aug '17 10:41Eladarapathist
Murder and Abortion17019 Aug '17 04:08chaney3Suzianne
Sexist Jesus9219 Aug '17 00:34EladarEladar
the poison of christianity17618 Aug '17 22:45apathistapathist
Jesus the Insulter1218 Aug '17 22:22Eladarwolfgang59
Jesus would be a Republican4118 Aug '17 11:51Eladargswilm
how to talk with atheists116 Aug '17 15:08apathistapathist
atheism is evil216 Aug '17 14:07apathistsonhouse
Confessionals715 Aug '17 22:19karoly aczelkaroly aczel
the atheist experience4715 Aug '17 19:26apathistsonhouse
Revelation 124415 Aug '17 19:05FreakyKBHsonship
No burdens can bow us down415 Aug '17 09:22FMFGhost of a Duke
Calling out KellyJay16814 Aug '17 11:41divegeestersonhouse
Did Jesus exist?2114 Aug '17 04:46chaney3divegeester
Is hell eternal?8814 Aug '17 03:31RBHILLKellyJay
atheism vs thesm debate113 Aug '17 00:23apathistapathist
Beware of those ask trick questions....812 Aug '17 12:30mchillsonhouse
faith312 Aug '17 00:09apathistapathist
closer to the truth7211 Aug '17 13:22apathistFabianFnas
Religion doesn't cause harm111 Aug '17 08:22apathistapathist
Religion? Laugh about it.111 Aug '17 08:03apathistapathist
Who created Divegeester?5410 Aug '17 07:15whodeydivegeester