2024 May London System I 1540-1670

2024 May London System I 1540-1670

Tournament Round 1

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Group 1
In progress9
1588 2422draw
153024 2732
1523black win31 46
14493433black win 
Total score4031
Max. possible score16181513
Group 2
In progress11
1634 111010
160811 1614
15229black win 10
Total score0300
Max. possible score18181518
Group 3
In progress2
1614 black winwhite winwhite win
1558black win black winblack win
1460black winblack win 38
1445white winwhite win40 
Total score12639
Max. possible score126915
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Black to move

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Random groups - winners of each group progress
3 days
7 days
Round In progress

3 points for a win, 1 for a draw. Leading player or players progress.

Winner of the final group wins the tournament.