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Galactic Greetings!

Club player and lover of all types of chess, blitz, problems, GM tourneys...

I like to chat during games. I'll take that skull if you haven't moved.

"Suddenly, something occurred outside his being, a scorching pain - and he let out a loud cry, shaking his hand stung by the flame of a match, which he had lit and forgotten to apply to his cigarette. The pain immediately passed, but in the fiery gap he had seen something unbearably awesome, the full horror of the abysmal depths of chess." V. Nabakov, The Luzhin Defense

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All Games Played4388
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Moves This Month1281
Tourn. Entry Rating1574

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4205 games


2165 games


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214 games


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Average Rating140814961564
Lowest Rating131413081248
Opponent Average Rating144114411489
Games Rated1306531572
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  • Caro-Kann Defence Lovers

    In our clan games, our response with Black to White's 1. e4 will always be 1. .. . c6!!! We are the winners of TVCCI.

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