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  1. 19 Sep '18 14:17
    Originally posted by @whodey
    Central to the Mueller Farrago is the 'dossier.'

    Without it, no FISA warrants to surveil Trump, et al......

    No Comey leaks

    No special prosecutor

    Soooo....the dossier cannot be ignored.

    And here's what it implies:

    Russia is a dictatorship.
    Nothing emanates from Moscow without Putin's imprimatur....
    The 'information' in the infamous ...[text shortened]... ccurred, it was through Democrats, the only folks for whom we have actual evidence of collusion.
    wooooohoooo, moved to collusion stuff now, mueller and trump. your mind is like a rabid weasel high on meth, cocaine and a redbull IV.
  2. Donation Luck
    20 Sep '18 02:41
    My wife was last, my Rosemarie fell to her final sleep on September 7th

  3. 20 Sep '18 16:58
    Originally posted by @whodey

    Well at least according to the governor of California.

    What does he mean by this exactly?
    What does he mean by this exactly?

    He means someone needs to either defeat Trump in the next general election, or Robert Mueller's prosecutors need to remove him by legal means. That's what he means exactly.

    Why is this difficult for you to understand?
  4. Subscriber Tom Wolsey
    Aficionado of Prawns
    14 Sep '18 02:03
    The fact that D64 even took the time--on multiple occasions--to herald the "courage" of suicide bombers killing thousands of civilians on 9/11... tells us everything we need to know. D64 is beneath contempt.
  5. Standard member DeepThought
    Losing the Thread
    14 Sep '18 02:45
    Originally posted by @wajoma
    'You' and 'already' are actually too separate words.

    wolfgang logic #^)

    When criticizing other people's typography it's important to make sure one's own posts contain no errors. Too is not two.
  6. Standard member Sleepyguy
    Reepy Rastardly Guy
    14 Sep '18 04:13
    Originally posted by @metal-brain
    Fake quote.
    Nothing gets past you.
  7. Standard member Ghost of a Duke
    Zen Master
    14 Sep '18 07:35
    Originally posted by @divegeester
    DuckDuckGo for me too now.
    Thanks for tip OP.
    Never heard of DuckDuckGo.

    Wait, I'll google it...
  8. 14 Sep '18 08:34 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by @thinkofone
    You're such a hypocrite...........

    Unlike you, I'm don't mindlessly follow dogma and believe that on the whole the Bible is sound, coherent and the "inerrant word of God".....

    By and large, I find the gospel preached by Jesus during His ministry to be reasonably sound and reasonably coherent within itself......

    50 “I know that His commandment is eternal life; therefore the things I speak, I speak just as the Father has told Me.” 
    Here you are calling people hypocrites and disingenuous; here you are talking about the words and ministry of Jesus; here you are quoting jesus talking about the “Father”.

    And you refuse to answer this simple question about this “Father” you quote:

    When Jesus was on earth, during his ministry, and thinking about the words he used...when he claimed to be sent by God, was he correct?

    Oh, and who’s the hypocrite?
  9. 14 Sep '18 08:37
    Originally posted by @duchess64
    "Don't you think it takes a very disturbed person ..."

    I am not a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist who's qualified to give an expert opinion on these individuals.

    Mohamed Atta (an Egyptian) was the most well-known of the pilots on 11 September 2001.
    I have heard (on radio or television) some Western psychiatrists or psychologi ...[text shortened]...
    It also was common for Westerners to dismiss Japanese kamikaze pilots as 'very disturbed' too.
    Do you think Harvey Weinstein is a very disturbed person?
  10. Subscriber moonbus
    14 Sep '18 18:27 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by @shavixmir

    Oh. Wait.
    Uhhhh... I can’t remember if you’re from the South...

    But hell yeah, name and shame brother, name and bloody shame!
    That lying, racist troll, JS357, and his libtard toady, Shav, utterly fail to realize that …

    Oh. Wait. Sorry, temporarily out of character there.

    I apologize profusely to all the Lawless fluid-gender fans out there.
  11. 14 Sep '18 19:15
    the dog hair would be usefull. rhonda has some bald spots.
  12. Subscriber AThousandYoung
    Just another day
    14 Sep '18 22:44
    Originally posted by @moonbus
    A newbie posts an innocuous opinion, alone, at night. A lurking viper tears into him, accuses him of being an ignorant, lying, racist, misogynist, troll. When questioned about her motives, she says, "He was there, it was easy to do him."

    So, what's your excuse? Choice or uncontrollable compulsion?
    Chinese nationalism
  13. Subscriber Suzianne
    Misfit Queen
    14 Sep '18 23:35
    Originally posted by @duchess64
    "... ignorant, lying, racist, misogynist, troll"

    If Moonbus (who has a record of trolling me) refers to JS357, then he's lying again."
    I don't recall ever describing JS357 (who created this thread) as racist or misogynistic.
    Can Moonbus quote where I allegedly did that?

    Sometimes JS357 has shown ignorance (which I may have criticized) ...[text shortened]... ver accused him of lying
    because I was uncertain about whether his falsehoods were intentional.
    The medication must not be working.
  14. Subscriber badradger
    15 Sep '18 05:44
    Originally posted by @wolfgang59
    Yeah I know it is going through some problems now.
    Not knowing how it will get drugs after leaving EU.
    Unable to fill positions with UK employees....


    How brilliant is that?

    Can anyone cite a US equivalent?

    NHS: I luvya
    The NHS is brilliant I had a heart attack on the 5th of September the paramedics were there in under 5 min, hospitai in 15, bank of tests medicated, theatre 6pm on the 7th 1.5 hr op 5 stents , back home on 8th just in time for lunch 8 week course of physio and rehab all free,,,,it is great to be british.
  15. 15 Sep '18 09:59
    Originally posted by @wolfgang59
    Yeah I know it is going through some problems now.
    Not knowing how it will get drugs after leaving EU.
    Unable to fill positions with UK employees....


    How brilliant is that?

    Can anyone cite a US equivalent?

    NHS: I luvya
    The NHS is an inspiring vision of healthcare for all citizens and in my opinion one of the hallmarks of a civilised and egalitarian society.