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  1. Subscriber kmax87
    You've got Kevin
    10 Dec '17 00:17
    Originally posted by @duchess64
    Personally, I could not care less if No1Marauder insists on using 'ACLE' over 'Northern Ireland' every time.
    I don't expect No1Marauder to be taken very seriously by the people who matter about Northern Ireland's future.
    You've leaned on this rhetorical device before, but the evidence which is spattered across multiple pages of thread suggests otherwise.

    If you really could care less, why are we not spared what may best be described as an hysterical and histrionic display of petulance to dominate endless threads in an attempt to divide and conquer forum opinion in the ongoing saga that never amounts to much more than a referendum about you.

    But it's to your inability to conduct yourself in an honourable manner and engage in civil debate, that puts your contributions to this forum beyond the pale.
  2. 10 Dec '17 22:48
    It really doesn't take a genius to realize trickle down economics doesn't work. Millionaires and billionaires are not all job creators. Few of them in fact are. Even if you ignore for a moment the obvious evidence that millionaires pocket these tax cuts instead of creating jobs, most of them will simply put it in a bank account.

    The second reason this monumental scam doesn't work is that no job creator in the history of creating jobs did so just so he could employ more people.

    If you make any product, you only increase production if you can't keep up with demand. Demand that is created by the 99.9% of the population, the low and middle class. If they don't have money to spend they won't buy the products. Why the hell would a millionaire produce more product if he can't sell it?

    If i am living day to day, on a less than living wage, i am not going to buy a tv. I am not buying a fridge. I am not going to buy a car. I might not even take my current junk heap to a mechanic. If i am ever going to save something, i am putting it in a bank account just so i have some savings for the inevitable job outsourcing to china when i become unemployed.

    That's why trickle down economics doesn't work and Bernie Sanders' "give living wages to the low and middle class" is.
  3. 11 Dec '17 01:25
    Originally posted by @duchess64
    I don't believe that a person who's being harassed shares blame with the harasser(s).

    I know that men have long taken a position similar to Zahlanzi's apparently now.
    When a woman's being harassed by a man, she should just smile sweetly and never complain.
    If she dares to speak up against him, then she will only encourage him to escalate.
    So stayin ...[text shortened]... nd judged by
    a different (harsher) standard than men in being able to speak freely in disputes.
    "I don't believe that a person who's being harassed shares blame with the harasser(s)."
    yes, i agree. many people here have long given up debating you honestly and their stance on the subjects you raise are colored by their disdain of you. can you say differently? can you discuss with people in a civilized manner? how many times have you managed to argue the facts and not insult people?

    "I know that men have long taken a position similar to Zahlanzi's apparently now.
    When a woman's being harassed by a man, she should just smile sweetly and never complain."
    there it is. i must be psychic.
    can you look objectively at the situation and honestly say people here don't like you because you're a woman?
    is there a chance, even a small one, that people don't like you because of you? because of how you argue?

    "So staying silent, passive, and compliant is supposed to the best way--the only way--for women to deal with being harassed by men."
    of course not. that's not what i said. you should speak up for yourself. you should however see the difference between being harassed by men because you're a woman and being dismissed out of hand because people don't like you as a person.

    "I disagree with all that advice."
    that there is a possibility you are wrong? yes, people are most reluctant to see flaws in them when there are others to blame.

    "I know, of course, that women are held to and judged by
    a different (harsher) standard than men in being able to speak freely in disputes"
    i agree. can you agree there are men who genuinely try to engage in discussion regardless of another's gender and that such men disagreeing with you aren't necessarily misogynists?
  4. Standard member vivify
    11 Dec '17 01:27 / 3 edits
    Originally posted by @quackquack
    People in the high tax areas like the Northeast are continually move down south because taxes are lower. But feel free to pretend that lower taxes doesn't help people.
    That's quite different from simply giving money to the rich through tax breaks.

    Businesses move to lower-tax havens to increase profits. The Republican tax break requires them to do NOTHING; the work is done for them. Therefore, there is no need to create more jobs.

    You've been duped by a scam.
  5. Standard member wolfgang59
    05 Dec '17 01:50
    Originally posted by @kellyjay
    You think parents need to be forced to accept the same beliefs you do?
    No ... parents can think what they like.

    But children deserve to be taught the truth.
  6. 05 Dec '17 12:17
    Hi Lyudmil,

    'Pawn Power' is like 'My System' and Marmite. You love them or hate them.

    All for original thought and ideas. Kmoch outlandish terms are known to work as
    a memory aid and the term 'Passer' has been firmly established in chess lore.
    (Thankfully a lot of the others have failed to grip the public.)

    Not sure if learning how to beat to beat or play against a computer is beneficial
    to OTB play v human. But if the reader gets just one thing from your book that he
    can point back to later years and say: "Yes that bit won me games' then you have succeeded.

    This diagram shows the basic flaw in modern computers. (White to play)

    It will see 1.Kh2 is mated in 3 moves and 1.Kh4 is mated in 8 moves.
    It will always play 1.Kh4 and yet 1.Kh2 sets the stalemate trap 1....f1=Q =.
    lots of won game have been chucked due to a thoughtless automatic promotion.
    The computer will of course see it but can never play such a move as 1.Kh2.

    Again another example from a human v human game. (White to play)

    A computer will always play 1.Kc3, 1.Kb3 or 1.Ka3.
    The human played 1.Ka1 Kc1 stalemate.

    They simply cannot roll the dice to hope for a blunder.
    Yet in human v human chess this can and does work.

    Take it down a level and instead of looking for mates look for evaluations.

    It's the computers move, it has two choices. one moves evaluates at 0.01
    to opponent the next choice evaluates it at 0.09. The computer no matter
    the position will always take the 0.01 option even if playing the 0.09
    moves sets the human incalculable problems OTB problems to solve.
    They have no idea what an incalculable position for a human is.

    Chess history is littered with examples of humans knowingly not playing
    the best move because of the OTB problems (and traps) it sets their opponent,
    especially in lost or poor positions. This is what humans do.
  7. 05 Dec '17 12:59
    Originally posted by @divegeester
    I’m not saying you are making it up, just remember this is not a US site so if you are discussing US stuff we may not have heard about it over here in Brexit land.
    FYI, this is not a US/Brexit site, so please include The Netherlands, next time.

  8. Standard member mchill
    Green Lantern
    05 Dec '17 19:03
    Originally posted by @kmax87
    Even before watching comment, it seemed clear, that the GOP have put up with Donald and the damage he has inflicted on the office of the President and America's reputation abroad as long as he could deliver one thing. Significant tax reform, on a scale most probably could only dream about. With their tax agenda mission accomplished, will they be loyal to the ...[text shortened]... will they suddenly develop a conscience and find ways to get rid of him, before he triggers WW3?
    with their loot in hand will they suddenly develop a conscience and find ways to get rid of him, before he triggers WW3?

    I don't think so. Remember, they still want to replace the ACA with a system that benefits HMO's and big pharmaceuticals even more than it already does, not to mention doing as much environmental damage as possible, in order to benefit the 1%. Once this is over, they may ditch Trump, then they'll go back home and hide behind their church.
  9. Standard member shavixmir
    Guppy poo
    06 Dec '17 06:29
    In the long run, I reckon being endorsed by Trump will be the kiss of death.
    In the short term, however, I reckon this is going to go down as well as drinking the golden chalice of rotted fish poop (don't know what it is, but it sure as hell ain't gonna be good).

    In all seriousness, I don't understand why Jerusalem can't be the capital of two countries. Oh, it's never been done before? So what?
    Time to move on in history.
    Jerusalem capital of Palestine. Capital of Israel. Capital of the world... move the UN there as well. Make it important. Make the Palestinians and the Israeli's responsible, together, for the security.

    Oh well... Probably just me.
  10. Subscriber no1marauder
    06 Dec '17 15:28 / 2 edits
    Originally posted by @whodey

    Looks like the high tax liberal states are going to sue Trump over having to actually pay their taxes instead of being subsidized by the other states to pay them.

    The great proponent of "States Rights" now supports the Feds taxing people's State taxes.


    EDIT: Are there 43 "liberal" States? That's how many have an income tax and people in all of them will have to pay Federal tax on money they already paid in taxes under the Republican plan.
  11. Standard member vivify
    06 Dec '17 21:17
    Originally posted by @whodey
    This just can't be, the press labeled Trump as anti-Semitic long ago.
    Anti-Semitic Posts, Many From Trump Supporters

    Are grossly inaccurate misquotes like insulin shots to you? Do you need a certain amount per day to continue functioning?
  12. Standard member mchill
    Green Lantern
    07 Dec '17 06:05 / 5 edits
    Originally posted by @duchess64
    "Come on folks, you are all better than this. Stop attacking the poster [Duchess64]; respond to the content of the post."

    On the contrary, many abusive trolls have long proven that they are NOT 'better than this'.
    Evidently, there are many abusive trolls here who obsessively hate me so much that they
    would refuse to agree with me if I w ...[text shortened]... tempt to
    obtain skin care products (at greater expense) that were made in East Asian countries.
    On the contrary, many abusive trolls have long proven that they are NOT 'better than this'.
    Evidently, there are many abusive trolls here who obsessively hate me so much that they
    would refuse to agree with me if I were to write '1 + 1 = 2'. And some of them would
    attempt to claim (putting words into my mouth) that '1 + 1 = 3' in order to attack me.

    Yes, we know Duchess. Everyone here is a lying, ignorant, racist troll (except you) Everyone here is incorrect (except you) Everyone here has "abysmal reading comprehension" (except you) Everyone here says horrible things to attack Duchess (except you) It must be extraordinary to be super intelligent, exceedingly modest, and the innocent victim, all in one package. Please tell us what it's like to be crucified daily for the sins of the whole wide world!

    Sincerely -

    The ignorant, lying, racist troll (plagued with abysmal reading comprehension) - mchill

    P.S. Are you sure 1 + 1 = 2 ?
  13. 07 Dec '17 21:46 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by @divegeester
    Well that isn’t why I was banned and you know it. Here’s what actually happened.

    I was forum banned for a post about ‘hot breath on the back of your neck’ or something to that effect. And I made that post because I was sick of you persistently harassing sonhouse, even after the man publically apologised to you several times for something he didn’t e ...[text shortened]... ch was because I was pleased to give you back some of the crap you were handing out to sonhouse.
    The abusive troll Divegeester's LYING again, attempting to minimize his abuse of me.
    In fact, TWO (at least) of Divegeester's posts were deleted for abuse by RHP.

    1) Divegeester implicitly 'asked' me if I would enjoy being sexually assaulted or raped.
    2) Divegeester claimed to know that I am an old gay man who likes to use boys.

    Given that Divegeester still believes that he did nothing wrong, would Divegeester like
    to repeat his abuse of me here and see if he can lie his way out of another ban?

    Roma45 was banned from posting (approximately November 17 - December 3) after he
    threatened sexual violence or expressed his approval of sexual violence toward me.
    Ash condemned Roma45's abusive post soon after it appeared.
  14. 07 Dec '17 22:04
    It is absolutely amazing how Duchess can get away with blatant racism and sexism day in and day out with people still defending her and not getting permabanned.

    Change every instance of her mentioning "white" to "black" and you would've been banned ages ago. Apparently racism is quite alright when it's against "whites".

    It's truly an ugly stain on this forum.
  15. 08 Dec '17 00:06
    Originally posted by @vandervelde
    How many people in Serbia can speak Scandinavian languages right now? What do you think? Not many.
    So, in this outsourcing world, when Western companies outpost customer services in Third World - many Scandinavian firms have now call centers in Roumania, Bulgaria, Serbia.

    I was on job interview couple of days ago. Nice firm, V floor, I heard Dutch, ...[text shortened]...

    I think I will enroll at course for cooking and Danish pastry chefs after new year.

    This is certainly pause for thought.
    As a person who is now retired after working for the same company for 43 years,
    I can appreciate that I am one of the lucky ones.
    I have had job interviews, but all were for advancement within my company.
    Meaning I already had a job to fall back on if my interview was unsuccessful.

    I am not sure what I would do in your shoes.
    Would be starting from square one for sure.

    Good luck in your efforts.