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  1. 14 Sep '18 18:32
    very easy the same way stops them
  2. 13 Sep '18 19:59 / 1 edit
    I just wanted to float an Idea if possible.

    I was thinking about having a tournament between the various chess websites.

    for example vs (made up website name)

    Each websites hosts their own tournament on their own websites to find 200 of their best players to represent the website. Once registered you wont be able to register on the other websites. This can be tracked by IP address as this is public information.

    Then once the 200 people are found they compete in this case for the team against the birdsopening team for the honor of the best chess site for the year. A sort of world series for chess sites.

    The winning Websites gets to host the event next year where the games/matches would be played. Revenue from streaming the games can be used towards the player prizes. This would help create attention to the game and the various chess websites.

    For the first tournament to decide who gets to host it I guess see how many want to enter and flip a coin.

    I feel it be a chance to defend/fight for the honor of prove its the better site for chess. As demonstrated by the number of winners. It would be the Yankees vs Red Sox of the chess world.

    If this is popular I will submit it. I didn't want to submit the suggestion if it isn't going to be popular here.

    I made this post over on the other chess site(s) and adapted it for here. It has gotten a large amount of support I think this would be great fun.

    It would be interesting to see who the Titled players would play for.
    Link to one of the other posts

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