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  1. 08 Mar '18 01:37
    IMO three tiers, within which I don't really have any basis for deciding.

    Tier 1: Aronian, So, Liren
    Tier 2: Kramnik, Caruana, Karjakin
    Tier 3: Grischuk, Mamedyarov

    I think most likely is Aronian, for experience, consistency, and his recent superb form, or maybe Liren as I think he's a generally underrated player, and I'd be psyched to see either to be honest. So I'm not as confident about, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him finish top given his attacking style which could take him to an early lead.
    Caruana is one of the stronger contenders, but he doesn't seem to play as aggressively, which I think will hurt him. Kramnik I think is in the mix, but both older and less immediately impressive, and given Karjakin's performance in the Championships was a stale drawish sandwich, I don't think he'll do great.
    Grischuk and Mamedyarov IMO aren't as consistent or, to be frank, as good as the others.
  2. 04 Mar '18 05:39
    Hello all–

    Here is the second part of a write-up for the last tournament I played in (the first part can be found here: Blog Post 378,) which I thought was a natural conclusion to my previous post. In this post: me scoring 0/3 in the second half of the tournament, my lack of chips, and my ramshackle tournament conclusions.

    Blog Post: Blog Post 379

  3. 01 Mar '18 19:56
    Cheers GP,

    I think you're right on both points but that I might post to explain what I was thinking at the time. With 15. Bg5, it was partly clear the d-file to play Rd1, d5, and exchange the isolated pawn, and partly that the bishop wasn't doing great. Playing 8. Nd2 over Nc3, I wanted to have the option for Nb3–Nc5, or to take back on c4. Thanks for the feedback, I do really welcome it, and I've taken your suggestion to include full names.
  4. 01 Mar '18 14:26
    Hello all–

    Here is the first part of a write-up for the last tournament I played in, as a sort of partial excuse for not having updated this blog in a while. Featuring: me scoring 1/3 in the first half of the tournament, my chip metaphors, and my rambling thoughts on boring, drawn games.

    Blog Post: Blog Post 378


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