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  1. 17 Jul '18 18:29
    Hello Zak,

    Thanks for replying with the thread; I don't know how I missed it the first go-round, but it's interesting stuff!
    I'll send you a game.

  2. 16 Jul '18 18:34
    Yup! That's my name. Decided to start signing it to the work I do rather than a pseudonym I lifted from a comic book when I was twelve. I'm planning to maybe expand more specifically in some variations of the Traxler next post– if it's not too much trouble could you send me a link to the study you did? Sounds like interesting stuff.
  3. 15 Jul '18 22:02
    Hello all–

    First post back in a while, dealing with a classic correspondence game, The Office, and a tournament win. Rather short, but I should be back next Sunday. Enjoy!

    Blog Post 387

    Orion LE

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