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  1. 12 Dec '17 10:41
    Originally posted by @sonship
    Your next post to me should directly and clearly address points.
    When you answer my question unequivocally and without a bunch of caveats and surround sound text we can move forward.
  2. 12 Dec '17 10:40
    Originally posted by @sonship
    I already indicated pages ago that I took it literally. If you had not been so dense and obsessed with your own stubbornness I referred to Second Thessalonians 1:8,9 which seems to say the same thing basically.
    You may think that you "indicated" something, but I've been asking you a specific question and you STILL won't answer it:

    Will Jesus be observing the eternal suffering in the hell that he has created

    YES of NO?

    No "indications" straightforward and unequivocal please so we can move forward and discuss your response.
  3. 12 Dec '17 08:00
    Originally posted by @mchill
    It's been entertaining reading these forums these last few months. Some patterns seem to be emerging, take most subjects, and this is generally what you'll find:

    Shavixmier - America is off it's rocker, how could they do this?!

    Suzianne - Donald Trump is a scumbag, and a pile of trash!!

    mchill - I agree with you 100% Suzianne, but black voter ...[text shortened]... ryone else - Why can we hold civil discussions, and others here have challenges in this area?
    You should add “Nazis” to D64s lists of slurs.
  4. 12 Dec '17 07:55 / 1 edit
    It’s funny sonship, how you set yourself up as this sort of self-anointed minister of the forum, and yet you cannot bring yourself to answer a yes or no question based on your own interpretation of scripture.

    Revelation 14:9-10
    “If anyone worships the beast and its image, and receives its mark on his forehead or hand, and he will be tormented in fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and of the Lamb. “

    Is this literal or not sonship.?

    Another dodge coming...?
  5. 12 Dec '17 07:48 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by @sonship
    Your completely ineffective stubbornness is noted, by me and by ThinkOfOne also, of all people.
    You haven’t answered my question sonship , and bringing up TOO (who just likes picking fights) is not a defence.

    Here for the umpteenth time is the question you are dodging:

    Will Jesus be observing the eternal suffering in the hell he has created? Yes or No sonship...

    I’ll wait for your next waffley dodge or appeal to TOO for help.
  6. 11 Dec '17 23:11
    Originally posted by @galveston75
    Rewrite? Really? Could you share a few of those rewrites with me?
    Oh come on you know exactly what she is talking about. All the translational amends in your NWT version which are there to serve the doctrines you teach.

    Belonging to a temporal earthly church denomination has absolutely no value whatsoever, Jesus wanted spirit filled followers of his good works, nothing more.

    Like many ardent corporate religionists, you are in love with your denomination.
  7. 11 Dec '17 21:16

    Sonhouse, perhaps you will get a call up.

    FreakyKBH and Susianen will already be working up conspiracy theories about why we won’t go/didn’t go.
  8. 11 Dec '17 18:04
    Originally posted by @trev33
    Yes, why?
    You mean you have a job again!?

  9. 11 Dec '17 18:03
    Originally posted by @trev33
    So Fight Club is also a Christmas movie?

    For the record I do like Die Hard.
    Some Xmas movies are made to be Xmas movies other just do it by accident and are the better for it; Die Hard is a good example of the latter imo.

    “Now I have a machine gun. Ho-ho-ho.”
  10. 11 Dec '17 17:33
    Originally posted by @sonship
    Stand up for your own arguments mate have some balls and stop avoiding my on topic yes or no question with your typified waffle.

    LOL, You REALLY want me to take this personally, don't you?
    Another dodge noted sonship. We both know why don’t we.
  11. 11 Dec '17 13:36
    Originally posted by @shallow-blue
    None. If any day is worth it not to spend gaeping at a square box, Chrimbo is it.
    What about the other 11 days?
  12. 11 Dec '17 13:35
    Originally posted by @trev33
    Turns out there was and consensus was that it isn't/shouldn't be.
    If one person thinks a movie is a Christmas movie to them, then it is. What are you, a telegram from the Christmas movie police
  13. 11 Dec '17 13:30 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by @sonship
    Even ThinkOfOne ... noticed that you pressing your imagined repeated inquisition was to absurdity, it having been answered.
    Don’t hide behind TOO who is always up fight in a telephone box!

    Stand up for your own arguments mate have some balls and stop avoiding my on topic yes or no question with your typified waffle.

    Yes or no...Will Jesus be observing the eternal suffering in the hell he has created?

    Come on sonship, he will either be doing that or he won’t. Why won’t you be unequivocal?
  14. 11 Dec '17 11:56 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by @galveston75
    Like I said..I'm here and he wants to discuss anything with me he knows how to do it. Again I'm sorry it bugs you so much that sonship and myself aren't discussing this topic. Just maybe he has nothing to say to me? If he doesn't, that's really OK you know.........
    It doesn't bug me in the slightest, nor am I not "calm" as you suggested earlier.

    I find your rather pretentious "I refuse to argue" stance as amusing as I do sonship's pouty refusal to answer on topic questions.

    The two of you make a fine pair.
  15. 11 Dec '17 11:53
    Originally posted by @eladar
    It means he was doomed. It was his fate. It had to happen. He did not have a choice. He was chosen by God to be list for fulfillment of scripture.
    Like Jesus himself was. In fact:

    Romans 9:21-22
    Does not the potter have the right to make from the same lump of clay one vessel for special occasions and another for common use?
    What if God, intending to show His wrath and make His power known, bore with great patience the vessels of His wrath, prepared for destruction?

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