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  1. 22 Sep '18 15:55
    Originally posted by @dj2becker
    Thanks. No hard feelings. I apologize if I hurt you as well as that was not my intention.
    Thank you but you have never hurt me; you just irritate me at times. Never mind let’s move on.
  2. 22 Sep '18 15:47
    Originally posted by @chaney3
    Minimizing, rationalizing and denial....all in one post.
    Facts I call it.
  3. 22 Sep '18 15:45 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by @ghost-of-a-duke
    Did I miss your apology to Dive? (Or have you conveniently forgotten your previous misuse of personal information? )
    He doesn’t need to apologise, it’s certainly not a give one, get one back situation anyway.

    Edit, but thanks anyway 🙂
  4. 22 Sep '18 15:44
    Originally posted by @dj2becker
    If you have it in you to apologize for your previous (possibly drunken) outburst, I might consider talking to you again.
    You might consider speaking to me again!! LOL
    Oh and I wasn’t drunk, haven’t had anything to drink at all.

    However, irrespective of how I feel about you, it was pretty harsh and I do apologise for articulating it.
  5. 22 Sep '18 15:24
    KellyJay seems to have go off.

    Any other Christians want to respond to my scenario post? I’m interested in understanding if the scenario fits your interpretation of scripture and if so what would you do?
  6. 22 Sep '18 15:05
    Originally posted by @dj2becker
    If moral absolutes do exist you are either right or wrong about it. If moral absolutes don't exist who cares?
    Is murder wrong? Clearly it is.

    Yet in the OT God told the army to go into the enemies land and murder every single person man woman and child, and animal.

    Now if it is wrong for those men to murder then how can it be ok if God tells them to do it?

    If God told you to murder, would you?
  7. 22 Sep '18 14:58 / 2 edits
    Originally posted by @kellyjay
    You have repeatedly accuse me of something I have said, or you inject things into my conversations to accuse me of something. From my perspective taking to you and even not talking to you is useless.
    Come on, don’t be silly that was something else completely.

    I’ve set out a scenario based on quite likely actual future events, I’m just asking you what you would do in that scenario based on how you interpret such things.
  8. 22 Sep '18 14:01
    Originally posted by @chaney3
    Nicotine is a drug.
    Caffeine is a drug.
    Alcohol is a drug.

    Is it okay for a person who drinks alcohol and coffee, while smoking cigarettes to judge a person who uses cocaine?

    There is truth in the fact that people dismiss their own actions because they justify what they do as acceptable.
    Nicotine is pretty harmless I understand, it’s the tobacco smoke that kills. Caffeine is hardly a killer and no one wife beats on it
  9. 22 Sep '18 13:59
    Originally posted by @kellyjay
    Ignoring would be a better word.
    But why?

    It’s a completely innocuous test of reasoning.
  10. 22 Sep '18 13:58 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by @chaney3
    Alcohol is a drug.
    Not if it’s mixed with coke. The coke neutralises all the bad alcohol and only keeps the good alcohol.
  11. 22 Sep '18 13:33
    Originally posted by @kellyjay
    What verse was I quoting? As I said, I was talking about the event. I did quote scripture
    concerning that event, didn't alter it. If you want to read that again you should.
    KellyJay why are you avoiding my post with the scenario?
  12. 22 Sep '18 13:26
    Originally posted by @dj2becker
    Give me one good reason why I should talk to you in good faith after you said this:

    You're lying about your sister being raped in order to score internet points, lying about being in a religious cult for 24 years, lying about who you were as “dj2becker” (I.e. the twat Fetchmyjunk), defending robbie carrobie for defending his sick religious cult ...[text shortened]... ith you in order to indulge in the dubious pleasure of telling you what I think of you.
    Yes agreed, I’m with you there, it was pretty strong.

    But also, suit yourself.
  13. 22 Sep '18 13:06
    Originally posted by @dj2becker
    I thought you were done with me Bronwyn?
    Do you want to answer the question or not?
  14. 22 Sep '18 12:55
    Originally posted by @dj2becker
    Your argument at the bottom of page 3 is a meaningless word salad within the context of moral relativism. It would make a lot more sense within a context of moral absolutes.
    Is murder wrong?
  15. 22 Sep '18 11:12
    KellyJay would you like to comment on what you would do in this scenario?

    - cash has become obsolete and is done away with in developed countries, all commercial transactions are electronic
    - every person carries contactless charge cards or phonepay systems and transaction values become unlimited due to fingerprint and retinal scanning and voice recognition technologies
    - governments leverage the cash free zones to eliminate fraud and tax evasion
    - poverty level begin to decline as welfare goes electronic and those in need are offered microchips in lieu of bank cards whereby e-stipends desposited to individuals and benefit fraud is completely eliminated.
    - the technology is picked up in the mainstream populous and bank cards are gradually eliminated saving billions of tons of plastic and saving enormous amounts of money
    - bio recognition technology means transactions are fraud proof saving global economies hundreds of billions
    - your contactless bank card is now a tiny chip located in the back of your hand between the metacarpals
    - in order to eat you need to work, but in order the buy the food you need to be paid and pay

    What do you do?

    How confident are you in your claims about “actual marks” “human barcodes”...confident enough not to eat?

    Honestly, what would you do?

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