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  1. e4
    06 May '08
    25 Jun '22 09:31
    chessgames is a good site, it full games!
    I'm there as Sally Simpson (after the Who song) and often use to
    thrust out my heavily opinionated jaw debating (arguing) with everyone.
    Chess historians, Grandmasters, computer experts...basically anyone who
    an opinion for me (right or wrong, mostly wrong ) to take an opposite stance on.
    These days I don't get involved so much and just quip in with a daft joke or two.

    Here and there (chessgames) are the only two sites I regularly visit.

    I get my live chess from where there are no ads,
    no talking heads, no computer eval (if you take multiple view - watch all four
    candidate matches at the same time ) and no daft comments from the punters.
    It's just you and the moves.

    One of the Mammoth book collections at chessgames is;

    These books often bring out comments about games not included.
    Morphy at the Opera is missing. (It's a famous game, but not 'Great' )

    The Mammoth Book of Chess has the Morphy game....9 times!
    They use it to describe all the different forms of chess notation.
  2. e4
    06 May '08
    19 Jun '22 11:221 edit
    Hi Venda,

    If I want a live game I go to ChessBomb. It loads up quick
    and is uncluttered with ad and none of that silly chat

    If I want a better insight into what is going on then chessbase
    usually fills in all the blanks with background tales and games analysis.

    In the DIng Liren - Nepomniachtchi Round One game I was looking at this
    game this morning at and wondered about Ding playing
    30.f3 here instead of 30.f4. (it was 0-1) a few moves later.)

    I was tempted by 30...Bxf3 and having fun but was missing something.
    I went to chessbomb and it too looked at 30.f3.
    It too sacced on f3 and then a Rook (OK got that) and a Knight!
    (missed that one - I was checking another check.)

    (so the ideal site appears to be the good bits from chessbomb, chessbase and
    chessgames....or stay here, wait till the book comes out and untill then read my blog!)

  3. e4
    06 May '08
    16 Jun '22 10:19

    I gate crashed a bunch of artists...nope...what is the collective term for artists?

    Start again. I gate crashed a palette of artists that is not right either.

    I gate crashed a paint pot full of artists who were out sketching Edinburgh Castle.
    I had a shot and I discovered I had a hither too unknown talent for proper art.

    Next Anand - Mamedyarov which is now famous fodder for every columnist.
    I have found a perfect Red Hot pawn example on the same theme (I actually
    found two, the second one does not quite fit but it’s just to good not to use.)

    Last blog I mentioned I may be away for a week or three but I successfully managed
    to screw up the booking (it’s fun being me you never know what's going to happen next).
    So this one will be the last for a while. Keep out trouble you lot and...'check all checks.'

    Blog Post 522
  4. e4
    06 May '08
    12 Jun '22 11:10
    I have found a smashing RHP game that mirrors the Anand game perfectly.
    I'll use it in the next blog.
  5. e4
    06 May '08
    11 Jun '22 22:45
    That is it.

    The only reason I can see for Be3 is White saw the Knight check but
    expected to come with Ne5 and not Nh4.
  6. e4
    06 May '08
    11 Jun '22 10:19
    That is it BigDogg, the 'three pieces mate' maxim. The Knight, Bishop and Rook.

    I did an RHP search for anything similar, first searched for a BN giving a
    mate on h4 (as in the Anand game) just to see what it would produce.

    I found quite a few BNh4 mates but in most cases the BQ was still on
    the board and covering the Rook and Bishop flight squares. However...

    QUEZERGUE - nvigorate RHP 2014

    Black is threatening to win the g1 Rook with Nh4+.
    White not only missed this threat but made it much worse.
    Remembering the search criteria, What did White play?
  7. e4
    06 May '08
    11 Jun '22 01:06
    Anand - Mamedyarov, Norway Chess, Stavanger 2022.

    Mamedyarov is away from the board having a quick puff and a cough.
    Anand played 1.Qb5 and before Mamedyarov come back Anand had resigned. 0-1

    What did Anand see that Mamedyarov never had time to see.
  8. e4
    06 May '08
    09 Jun '22 21:39
    That was just a guess, a good guess, I never worked it out
    but it seemed like the only possible answer.
  9. e4
    06 May '08
    09 Jun '22 09:31

    Is that the white pawn structure. There was nothing left to capture on a8 or c8.
  10. e4
    06 May '08
    08 Jun '22 22:04
    It looks like the same theme.

    Reveal Hidden Content
    last move was Kxpg3
  11. e4
    06 May '08
    08 Jun '22 20:23

    I found out where I got that retro study from.

    It was in a column by Andy (sic) Soltis, he writes books as 'Andrew Soltis.'
    'The Anti Problem' page 307 of the 'Chess Life and Review' May 1972.

    You can view that edition online here;

    'Andy' does not mention an author and he actually gives this position.

    I was poking about the 1972 CL&R looking for something that Bob Wade
    mentioned when I saw the plea by David Hooper asking for Capablanca games.

    Then I spotted the problem. Solved it and a few weeks later blogged it.
    I remembered the bones of it, forgot the pawns. I think my one is accidently
    better as it gave me a chance to show that silly White win. I'm into silliness.

  12. e4
    06 May '08
    08 Jun '22 12:13
    Hi BigDogg,

    That position is on the cover of 'The Chess Mysteries of the Arabian Knights'
    by Raymond Smullyan! It's is in the Edinburgh Library. an autographed copy!
    ( I have the Sherlock Holmes book but not this one.)

    You probably have it but I'll add (see page 168) that he showed a friend this problem who showed it to another friend, who showed it to another friend who
    showed his father who sent it to the games editor of The Manchester Guardian.

    It appeared uncredited, Raymond corresponded and his missing name was added.
    However the slight damage had been done and it popped up again uncredited
    in the 'Scientific American' (someone had seen the original Guardian version and
    sent it in adding it was remarkable and wondering who composed it.

    A reader and former fellow student of Raymond recognised it and wrote to the 'Scientific American'. The editor got in touch with Raymond and advised he do a
    book of these creations - so that is why that position appears on the cover.

    I am not too sure where I got my one from, (I recall it said 'Anon' )
    I've been going through old Scotsman Weekly from the 1930's. It could have
    come from there. But I also went through a load of old BCM's and a few other
    books - I'll see if I can find and date my source.
  13. e4
    06 May '08
    07 Jun '22 01:34
    Hi BigDogg

    The WK is on c3. I cannot recall seeing it before but your clue
    strongly hinted there was an e.p. capture.

  14. e4
    06 May '08
    05 Jun '22 20:33

    Quite long this one as I expect to be playing about 40+ games soon
    in a Hardcore tournament and I am going for a 7-10 day holiday.

    A live reconstruction of a 1992 British Chess Magazine cartoon.
    From the same magazine a pitfall avoided by an opponent of
    Mickey Adams only for a RHP player to fall into 15 years later.

    A look at a batch of Red Hot Pawn stalemates and three different chess problems.

    W.R. Todd, Stratford Express 1930 (White to play and mate in three.)

    This is really good. Not too difficult and very rewarding.

    The White King has just moved from f3 to g3. How? It was in check from both
    the Queen and the Rook. It could not have been a double or discovered check.

    The position is legal, but how did it happen.

    J. Szabolcsi - M. Henttinen, Hungary 1981. (White to play and win)

    (solutions in the blog)

    That last problem leads to another RHP game where our man went wrong.

    Blog Post 521
  15. e4
    06 May '08
    29 May '22 16:07
    Hi Capa,

    I married an old historical building....(don't tell her I said that.)

    That is Edinburgh Castle, you can see it from everywhere in Edinburgh,
    It's a bearing, you can never get lost.

    Venda...who is Jeff? that is how the lower classes spell it.
    I am of a pure and noble breed.....Like David Watts. 😀
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