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  1. 18 Aug '18 01:54
    Looks Ok.

    Kind of sac I'd play OTB because you do at the very least have a perpetual
    and when the later position appears on the board, then you can look for mates.

    Botvinnik's famous win against Capablanca at AVRO in 1938.
    Botvinnik honestly admits he did not see the mate but suspected
    it might there - he did see he had at the very least a perpetual
    so played a piece sac and won.
  2. 14 Aug '18 11:24 / 1 edit
    Hi Paul,

    Of course it's pre-arranged draw. But nothing at stake. No harm.

    I've stumbled across a few in my time. They may have been using
    the game for training, showing a group in a club - who knows?

    These two, eattables - rumuu Game 7466264 played out a known 12 move stalemate.

  3. 07 Aug '18 11:09
    There is no doubt modern chess is a young man's game.
    7 of the current top 10 are under 30. But I have seen career
    obituaries for Anand, Aronian, Kramnik and Topalov in the past
    10 or so years and they are still amongst the best.
    Of course age will catch up eventually, it's not their fault.

    Carlsen still has quite a few years left. The match v Caruana will be a big test.
  4. 06 Aug '18 22:30

    Batman on the chessboard.

    We then look at the position from a famous painting which
    leads onto some Red Hot Pawn games with the same theme.

    My pop up chess set.

    A very brief review of ‘Chess for Dummies’ which in turn allows
    me to show one of my favourite RHP games and an amusing study.

    It is White to play and draw.

    This has been copied, examined and played out by two RHP lads. Game 9940626

    Blog Post 390
  5. 20 Jul '18 13:08

    An advert for Camel cigarettes with Arnold Denker from the 1940’s.
    This leads to a couple of RHP games with same idea as the advert.

    A cracking Arnold Denker game from his youth.

    A Sam Loyd mate in three.

    The Zwischenzug with some RHP examples.

    Blog Post 388

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