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  1. 26 May '18 15:16
    "The game posted was played back in 2008/2009"

    That is what I was wondering. Why wait nearly 10 years before asking?

    anyway. Here.

    The g8 Knight is looking pretty gloomy where it is.

    5.Qb3 threatens mate which given the first few moves of Black is a possible shot.
    This too wins a pawn, a good central pawn. 5...e6 6.Bxe6.

    Chances are Black may have played 5...Nh6 which has been seen
    on here a few time from a similar set-up. Game 10591446

  2. 23 May '18 22:42 / 1 edit
    I took Black, at lower levels v a computer the mistakes comes quicker.

    I was hardly going to miss the final combo because today I blogged this.

    White to play.

    The trick is mate in 4 not 5 as in the Philidor Legacy.

    1.Qe6+ Kh8 2.Nf7+ Kg8 3.Nd8+!

    Mate next move.

    It pays dividends to read the blog!

  3. 23 May '18 14:39

    Bart, A yellow Rook and the Thompson Twins all said don’t do this but I did it anyway.
    I found another reference to this famous game in Time Magazine. So that kicked it off.

    Added in a few RHP examples and some summer pictures of me looking for an opponent.

    A wee trick/joke you can try on your 'I'm so clever' club mates.

    Blog Post 384
  4. 20 May '18 23:13
    He was a good fair player. My score was 1 win v 8 losses and a few draws
    in fast hard core games, good attacking errors all over the place games.

    Think he had run in with Russ and TOS regarding content in a post that was pulled.
    Instead of taking a posting ban for a week or two typically vanders would have argued
    his case and over stepped the mark.

    I'll miss him. Never a dull post and certainly never a dull game.
  5. 15 May '18 23:32 / 1 edit
    Yes this another very famous study....with a twist.

    It first appeared in the newspar 'Deutschösterreichische Tages-Zeitung
    in August 1921 composed by one Albert Becker.

    This is the position Becker published. White to play and draw.

    After it was published under Becker's name Reti wrote to a letter
    to Kagans Neueste Schachnachrichten saying the he composed
    the study and had been showing it around Vienna before it was published.

    Source: BCM February 1990 page 73.


    More about Albert Becker

    An often repeated story is that before the start of Carlsbad 1929
    Becker suggested that Vera Menchik had no place at the Carlsbad tournament
    and that any man who lost to her should be forced to join a "Vera Menchik Club."

    Apparently this was the first time the term ' The Vera Menchik Club' had been mentioned.
    It eventually contained a few famous players: Euwe, Mieses, Sultan Khan, Reshevsky,
    Sämisch, Yates.......and of course Becker who lost his game v Vera at Carlsbad 1929.
  6. 14 May '18 12:31
    I agree it is probably the world's most famous chess problem,

    Runner-up could be the one apparently composed by Paul Morphy.

    White to play and mate in 2 moves.

    Sometimes you see it as a mirror image

    but the first one is the more common - it's the one you see on the t-shirts.
  7. 11 May '18 14:20

    Picture of a snazzy-jazzy chess bracelet I picked up in a junk shop.

    An unsound Queen Sac from the 2016 Indian film ‘Rustom’.
    This unsound sac has been played successfully by 90+ RHP players,
    only a fraction of those meeting this idea have played the refutation.

    A neat checkmate in four (it sounds frightening but give it try, it is not too hard.).

    The Valladao Theme. You just have to know what this is. It’s critical.

    The Valladao Theme opens up yet another crack in the Hall of Doom.

    Blog Post 383
  8. 10 May '18 10:49
    Hi Sonhouse,

    It's not copyright, it is just that everyone who does a chess blog or chess column
    sooner or later falls back on this event. Bart was right to complain.

    I try to be a bit different. without going too far over the top.
  9. 05 May '18 12:28 / 1 edit
    When Karpov met it he played the 5.Bxf7+ line.

    A. Karpov - A. Beliavsky, Team Tournament, Soviet Union, 1983.

  10. 30 Apr '18 00:35
    Hi Sonhouse,

    10...e5 is a move but 10...N(either) to e5 is better.

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