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  1. 19 Feb '18 20:52 / 1 edit

    I mentioned my blog. about a slight character flaw I posses,
    (my team mates say is a huge character flaw) in that I cannot
    seem to avoid setting a trap often at the determent of my position.

    All I can say in my defence (not that I think I need defending)
    is that I enjoy it and sometimes....I say comes off.

    This is one that did not but it it’s too pretty to have only seen
    the light of day on my chessboard. It has that many holes in it
    you could drive a school bus, a tank and a 10 ton truck though it.

    Here is where I began plotting (I’m Black and I’m to move)

    Marko Krale - greenpawn

    White has just played Nb6-a4 and heading for c5. Here is the mainline

    Now a look at what happened.

  2. 18 Feb '18 17:55 / 1 edit
    final position (which I have seen before somewhere) here White resigned.

  3. 15 Feb '18 00:45

    Today we kick of with a Frodo game. It’s an excellent coaching tool
    and should inpsire young players (and older players) to great things.

    My quest for the Pawn of Avalon.

    Then onto a classic played by Nona Gaprindashvili which inspired Tal

    Which leads to an instructive missed win from a friend of mine in OTB play.

    Stuck for an idea I resort to some of my games...a few wins
    a few losses. Recently I’ve plummeted from just over 2000
    to the murky depths of 1700. A bit like my recent OTB play.

    Not sandbagging (thought I’d that) as I only play in Hardcore
    non-rating events. I’m just getting old, too eager......and crap.

    Bobby Fischer said he just got good. I just got pretty bad.

    But do check out the last game. it’s a cracker.

    Blog Post 377
  4. 14 Feb '18 02:42
    " what additional training is required for good OTB results?"

    That can only come with experience of face to face play.

    Correspondence chess is OK but remember here we are playing 30-40+
    (some a lot lot more, I currently have 50!) games at once. Only one recent game did I
    give it some thought Game 12597004 actually using an old book on the Philidor
    by Larry Evans from the 70's.

    All other games here suffered which is reflected in me dropping 150 Rating points this
    year. Too many games as I jump form trap to trap and trick to trick. (some have come off
    and I have a super-duper one for the blog).

    But does playing here do any good OTB.
    Well you are playing and thinking (in theory) so yes, it's not doing any harm.

    Cannot think of an RHP game that has won me a game OTB game.
    Tonight I won a league game in 13 moves. After 5 moves it was
    a position I've never had before even though I have played dozens
    of game with this opening on here. (1.e4 e6 2.Nf3)

    You gain experience with face to face play,
    it is a lot different from here. Some of the blunders here
    (due mainly to game load) you would never see OTB.
  5. 09 Feb '18 15:31
    Welcome to R.H.P.

    There have been many threads on this subject.
    A very quick search found this one.

    Thread 40946

    and Paulbuchmanfromfics reviewed his entire book collection!

    Thread 103080

    I'll add that when I studied (a long time ago now) I enjoyed it
    ('cept endings...never bothered too much with those, just the basics.)
    The key is you must enjoy it as much as you enjoy playing.
  6. 08 Feb '18 15:08
    " After 1992, Fischer went on to defeat any chess player he ever met,
    including beating Kasparov, Carlsen, Krammnik and Capablanca in a simul
    game, while playing blindfolded and giving them an advantage of knight,
    rook and three queens. The Jews payed Carlsen (who is 85.7% jewish) never to speak about it".
  7. 05 Feb '18 03:13 / 1 edit
    baunmore - bramble RHP 2018.

    But is not checkmate

    Troppo - greenpawn34 RHP 2008

    That is.
  8. 31 Jan '18 21:36
    I must have spelt Caissa wrong and my auto correct corrected it.

    Cassia will be the patron saint of posters who blunder.
  9. 31 Jan '18 12:27
    Caissa is the patron saint of chess players.

    'Cassia' is the patron saint of chess player's who blunder.
  10. 31 Jan '18 01:13
    Sandy Bells v Musselburgh. Edinburgh Chess League 2018

    Last night at a league match. I agreed a quick draw with an
    old Edinburgh Chess Club team mate so we could decantto
    the bar to drink, play blitz and reminisce about the old days.

    The match score was currently 2½ -1½ to Bells.
    The Sandy Bells board 4 player saw this position
    on board 3 (the Sandy Bells board 3 player was Black)

    White to play...

    ...White is lost, so the board 4 player in a good
    position agreed to a draw to clinch the match 4-2.

    It was then that Cassia left the building.

    K.McDonald - J.Ross, Edinburgh Chess League 2018

  11. 29 Jan '18 14:56
    They do share the money.

    The play off's are for who gets the trophy and if this was a qualifying event for
    another tournament (not the case here) then it secures the winning player that spot.

    Carlsen last lost a blitz play off way back in 2007 v Aronian in the candidates.
    That was a qualifying event. SInce then Carlsen has won 9 blitz/rapid play off's on the trot.

    Interesting to note, though not too surprising, that the top two are not playing
    in the candidates in the March. (Carlsen for obvious reasons and Giri failed to qualify..)

    The other candidates here (Wes So, Caruana, Kramnik, Karjakin, and Mamedyarov)
    were possibly saving their goodies for the candidates and a chance at a money spinning
    match v Carlsen in November in London. (not to mention the money for actually winning
    the candidates. 95,000 Euros.)
  12. 28 Jan '18 15:38
    One of the songs he chose was 'Strangers in the Night'.

    His luxury item was a telescope.(!)
  13. 27 Jan '18 15:16
    Garry Kasparov will be Kirsty Young's guest on "Desert Island Discs"
    at 11.15 on Radio 4 this coming Sunday, the 28th of January.

    Desert Island Discs has been running in one format or another
    since 1942. I always try to catch it on a Sunday morning.
    You hear some fantastic tracks and the reason behind the
    choice is often enlightening, revealing and surprising.
    (a lot of politicians seem to have been fans of Rock n Roll..)

    "Each week a guest, called a 'castaway' during the programme, is asked
    to choose eight recordings (usually, but not always, music), a book and
    a luxury item that they would take if they were to be cast away on a
    desert island, whilst discussing their lives and the reasons for their choices"

    Be interesting to hear what 8 songs and book Gary chooses.
    His luxury item might be a chess computer (Deep Blue).
  14. 27 Jan '18 14:09
    Possibly game load. Currently 36 which is over my comfort zone
    although I have a new chess quest (which I'll blog later) so my
    game load will increase and so will my losses.

    There is a chance that your crafty plan may have been unsound and when
    the position clarifies you see a main threat you never originally considered.
  15. 22 Jan '18 14:11

    What do Alekhine, Karpov, Eric Clapton, and Isaac Asimov have in common?

    A report on some computer chess rage.

    Chess Coincidences. featuring Carlsen and Minnie the Minx.

    Then two RHP games which share a rare coincidence.

    White using only the odd numbered squares to Checkmate Black. (7 moves)
    Black using only the even numbered squares to Checkmate White. (6 moves)

    How to cut down on your chess book doublers.
    (the coincidence there being you have two chess books exactly the same.)

    The book with a very confusing cover picture.

    Finally a look at a few of my games from this year (2018) and how to set a trap.

    Herman987 - greenpawn34 RHP 2018

    Black to play and set a trap. (which worked!)

    Blog Post 376

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