10/12/14 Daily Games

10/12/14 Daily Games

Archrival's Chess Corner

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10/12/14 Daily Games

Todays games is here,
this will be the last of the daily games I will be posting here for a while. However they will continue to be posted on Youtube, if you would like to see them continue to be on here. Let me know, feedback is welcomed.

The Weekend blogs/or when I have off from work will still continue to be done here.

The entire process of the Daily games is designed to show/ Beginners how chess players think.

It is the number 1 question I get from people, "How can you think so far a head and keep all those combinations in your mind?"

Well now you can see how, how to develop it and how to keep it trained up.

Again I do not claim to be a master of any kind however I have been around the block for many of a year on the league level, I understand there is a GAP between Beginner and Master status and I really want to help fill the void. So I strongly hope you continue following these blogs

and the videos on Youtube - Please subscribe that way you be ahead of the game and know soon as a new video is posted!
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