10/24 - 25 /14 Friday/Saturday Lesson  Sicilion Najdorf

10/24 - 25 /14 Friday/Saturday Lesson Sicilion Najdorf

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10/24 - 25 /14 Friday/Saturday Lesson Sicilion Najdorf

I explained briefly last time about the Sicilion opening. Today and Saturdays lesson.

I go into further lengths into the Grand Master Gary Kasparov's Patterned opening the Najdorf variation.

Game 10 of their series was my favorite when I watched them back in 1993. I walk through the game with you I did mess up at the end a little but I'm sure you can understand and picture me now at 32 trying to read my writing when i was 11 😀

I do realize i added up the black points up wrong I added the rook as 10 points instead of 5.

Also on a Side note the Daily Game video was posted on Youtube as well.

For more information on the opening and the different variations click this wiki link.
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