10/26/14 Sunday Video Time Pressure

10/26/14 Sunday Video Time Pressure

Archrival's Chess Corner

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We feel different forms of pressure of time, however none of them is anything like it is with Chess. I explained before that Nigel Short was under time pressure and that was why he missed his moves. I was messaged and I was asked "How does time pressure have any effect on you during chess, you either make the move or you don't?"

Now I could try to explain it to you however you just would not understand until you get a sense of it for your self.

Anyone watching this I urge you to try a Blitz game, No seconds added per move and play for 4 or 2 minutes if you are not used to it.

If you want to feel the danger and the adrenaline kick in 1 minute chess can do that for you.

The 60 second game is purely on instinct -Which leads to the question are a you a Natural Chess player?

Go Find out:

In Keeping up with my games, I had a couple of set backs .
jon1963 and Macolett both played well to beat me and I will post the games down below.

I did get one Win however since my last update.

The game with jon1963 :- I thought i had a handle on his attack his attack as black with his two knight on my c2 square is a really good attack, I unfortantly missed his Bishop coming in for the Kill when I moved my Rook to e1. Jon saw the chance and took it.

Again with Macolett pretty much the same.I thought I had escaped from his attack or just didn't have enough to finish the attack, I was sorely miss guided as the Dark square bishop sealed my King's fate. I resigned here as Ne7 and then Bxe7++

Lastly my 1 day time out game vs swat1682, he was just unluckly I believe I had him confused looking at the wrong things so he overlooked the mate.

I am sure you see if you been following my game that my style of play is Do or Die, no in between. The whole point of the game is to capture or Kill the king and that is the sole purpose of the my game plan. Every move designed to some how weaken your side so I can capture your king.

Next week I will go over couple of my games during the league, same style of play basically the same moves. However one game I built up my attack so I had enough, should it fail I had enough to defend with.

The other I didn't prepare and found my self wanting and got my self into real trouble, however more on that next Saturday.
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