A Good Kick in the ....

A Good Kick in the ....

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A Good Kick in the ....

Recently I Challenged my self I challenged a player that was insanely higher than my self. Like a Thousand (1000) point difference.

The person's name is Cenerentola currently rated 2204.

My self only 1294. There were other people around him I could of challenged in the Ladder tournament however, I never like backing down from a challenge and I wanted to see if I could handle my self.

I am an attacking player by nature and you should play your normal game, not try to play up to the higher opponent or play something you are not comfortable with or have little knowledge on then otherwise you beat your self.

The higher ratting players know the book of chess off by heart, So I try to throw them off their comfort zone by not playing by the book. However you have to know how to play by the book before you can break the rules.

Also there is a real danger of getting comfortable with playing against players of lesser skill and become too use to that. So you are not used to the skill level of a higher rating player...I am of cause talking about a reality check.

I play my normal style of opening threw my opponent's King side into total chaos. However Cenerentola had some tricks of his own. Simple, so simple I'm like wondering how on earth did I miss it.

Some tend to think there is nothing that can be learned from playing someone with skill difference of so much, it is certain you are going to lose... " What my old Chess Teacher Colin GoodChild would say.

When I was 4, I started playing against my dad. I kept playing and eventually i learned enough to beat him.

I played my brother next and I was beaten soundly. I kept playing him and eventually I could draw against him.

Between my dad and my brother, I was teaching my friend Lee, to play chess, not knowing how to play. He was the person who beat me in my last year of Middle school. I invited him to the club and he was able to play really good. In tournament games and it all started from me being able to crush him and showing him how I crushed him, to him not letting me crush him, to him crushing my attacks into draws.

I kept playing players of higher strength and I kept getting better.

Yes you will lose, you will lose a lot until you learn enough and adapt to the player and their skill level, hence learning that skill and playing at that skill level your self.

You learn far more from Losing than you do from Winning, Trouble is no one likes to lose, which is why there is so many beginners.

With my Game with Cenerentola, I did my normal King side bishop sacrifice opening, and I was glad that he played the opening correctly, You don't have to take it however he did and played well.

In the end my Queen got chased around and I totally missed the Bishop coming to e7. Out skilled and out played.

But I did learn a lot from that game. You have to remember, the higher players are more intimidated by you than you are of them. The pressure is on them being the higher playing player to play better.

If you have some sort of trick that is unorthodox, it can throw them off their game, trouble is you need to know how to capitalize on it and that is the reason for my down fall with Cenrentola.

So to anyone reading this - I challenge / dare you to go out and Offer a game / challenge a person of a much higher rated player. Do not go into the game thinking you will lose, you may surprise you self. However I'm willing to bet you will learn a lot more out of that one game than winning 10 games at your normal skill level.

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