Draws are such funny things

Draws are such funny things

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Draws are such funny things

With my style of an Attacker nature, you don't come across draws too often... Well I don't at any rate and my stats on RHP alone can testify to that.
Games Played 913
Rated 868
Won 357
Lost 536
Drawn 20

Almost a 1000 games played and only 20 draws. Because of my live or die type of game play.

So when you get one, how does it make you feel? How are you suppose to feel?

Well certainly it depends on how the draw came about. For the game I will be showing in my latest video. I Played really bad at the start because I was distracted however, I saw later on I could sneak in a forced draw when I was able to play more focus.

So I got the draw and I was happy about it because I escaped death, but draws are not a good thing. Certainly not for my opponent who no doubt felt cheated out of a win.

Just because you get the draw, isn't a good thing because it means you also couldn't get a win. You must remember a draw is half a win and half of a lost game. So your opponent was better than you just not enough to beat you.

So although you may get the false sense of relief that comes with a draw - Don't let that take away from the "Draw-back" (sorry about the pun)

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Comments (2)

  • Posted 1831 days and 29 minutes ago
    Standard memberArchrival
    Oh I agree, a draw give you 1 point instead of 0 for loss, However that is all it does. Draw still means you were not good enough at the time to win.
  • Posted 1833 days 23 hours and 53 minutes ago
    Standard membersundown316
    A draw is better than a loss, anytime.
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