Middle game : Box Vision : How to beat it

Middle game : Box Vision : How to beat it

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Box Vision

Box vision1

My next guide for the middle game covers something that is something of a epidemic among chess players. The Illness I call it , is Box vision. You see the chess board is made out of 64 squares a square shape so that means you can divided that box by 4 to make 4 smaller boxes so they are 4 by 4 squares. This makes it easier for people to handle in their minds eyes.

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However this creates a very big and very real problem which I often exploit to my advantage because I know some players will not be able to take in the entire board so long range attacks have even greater potential to pay off. You see when it happens to you it is very easy on the receiving end to spot what is going on. It wont be so easy if you are the one with Box vision. Below is an example one of my recent games I played. I had the black pieces the game went quite normal until the mistake by White. This is a Prime example of Box Vision.

White saw the threat of the Black Queen because it was inside of that small 4x4 box so they moved accordingly to attack the queen backed up by the pawn so my queen could not retake. Nice idea except! Blacks Bishop on d7 is happily out of the way and guarding that square however it was outside of the 4x4 box so it was missed. Costing White the game.

It is the Chess player version of a drivers blind spot. People can just simply not see the entire board and they can end up running over the motor bike that comes up on the blind side.

This next example is another game which is more typical the first nine moves are perfectly fine then Whites 10th move Nf5 is a demonstration of what to look for.

Whites 10th move put his Knight in the direct line of sight of my white square Bishop. It was clear he did not see or realized it. Second the combination of moves that followed is the additional evidence that because they crossed into the different 4x4 boxes that silly little things are missed and this how pieces get left hanging and taken. Instead of recapturing with the pawn the correct response would have been Nc3xd5. However his own knight is in Whites blind spot so it was missed following a method of long range attacks Blacks attack was never truly seen until it was too late.

It gets to the point I almost feel bad for exploiting this because I know most people do not realize it, some can not help it and it is almost like beating someone with two hands tied behind their back. But hell War is hell and Chess is war.

Although most people do not realize the problem until it is pointed out to them. It really can not be helped at first because it simply your mind only being able to handle seeing moves ahead in a small area it has not been trained to look so far ahead for the entire 64 squares so a smaller box is what your minds eye can handle. You can be looking at the entire board just your mind is not processing it all correctly.


So....the cure. Not all is lost you just need a little mental training for your mind. There is a training scheme that you can do and test yourself.

The Goal is to get check in the shortest solution, only the shortest solution counts.
Only you will move a piece the other side has been frozen.
You are not allowed to place your piece on a square where it can be captured.
You are allowed to capture a undefended piece if it gives the check.

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The first one I will do with you to show you how it works.

You have the black pieces, White has been frozen. You have to get check in the shortest solution possible. You may not place your piece Where it can be taken. The answer of cause is Qe6+ This was an easy one so lets try the others shall we.

White to play find the shortest way to check
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White to play find the shortest way to give check mate
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White to play find the shortest way to give check. (bonus questions is there 2 possible solutions ? Yes/No)

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Finally I would recommend if you are struggling with this or being able to see moves ahead other than what is in front of you.

I recommend checking out this book.
The Search for Chess Mastery: Chess Vision

It is an E-book and it is only $5 so your parents should not totally freak out about that and besides it is a book.

The author is Stephen Ward. I would really strongly suggest giving it a read if you are serious about advancing your game.

Once you have this Box vision kicked you will be a serious contender and be able to survive until the end game with most of your pieces still intact.
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