The Battle of the Knight and Bishop

The Battle of the Knight and Bishop

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The Battle of the Knight and Bishop

The chess books teach the material value of both pieces Knights and Bishops are the same three (3) pawns. Others will favor one or the other more,

Is this you when a Knight moves?

If you don’t suffer from Hippophobia you most likely one of those people who like Knights your certainly not along.

The trouble is there is two Bishops too – I checked there is no fancy phobia name on Google at least- for Fear of the Bishops. The only thing that came up was about the Spanish Inquisition.

Again the text books dispute and argue too that Bishops are more powerful in some cases because they have a longer reach, they be safely back behind your lines and still cause potential damage. However if you get bad bishop your own piece can be a hindrance not a benefit. A badly place bishop can prevent position play, it can stop development of your pieces that can never happen with a Knight a Knight is never stuck behind anything.

Again the other text books written by people who like Knights, saying Knights are Nightmares and cause havoc in the tightest situation in a tuff Nitti gritty fight it will not be a bishop that will help with all the paths block it will be the knight who can threaten to go behind the enemy lines and undermine their entire situation. A good well place Knight in the middle of the board can cause murder for your opponent to deal with. In the end game I personally find a Knight much harder to predict and keep all the potential moves following he can go compared to the Bishop, Straight diagonals are much easier.

It is also true you force check mate with King and 2 bishops but you can’t force check mate with two Knights certainly not by the fifty (50) move rule.

So they both have their strengths and weakness and they have their own game styles they are suited for.

So I can certainly see why the creators made it they are both worth three (3). Because they really are equal, it is only her own preferences and fears and human elements that we attach additional value to the Bishop or said Knight.

People will play their games, You will play your game the way you feel comfortable the way you know to play to what you like, you play to your strengths so if you prefer Bishops to knights you are always going to play games where the Bishop is strong and perhaps trade off your knights early on.
So if you play to your strengths you will never get to know the potential power of the Knight. So perhaps throw in a game were you play the Indian defense every 4 games out of 20 Bishop Games.

The Bishop role is mainly about Potential threats from distance or using it as a crowbar like I do with my Bishop Sacrifice opening to throw the other side into chaos. However I play games where I keep the Bishop on a2, a7 or h2, h7 and they potentially do more harm and prevent the enemy from moving and keep him cramped.
This game has a little bit of everything, Normal Bishop opening, then a strong Knight in the Center with a confrontation of Oppisite Bishops to a pairing of Knight + Bishop vs Bishop

This game the Knights being in the center is what really paid off and proved too strong.

This game against Itsallzen, his Bishop in the middle was a Thorn in every nature of the word digging at the pawn and on the queen side.

My self like the combination of Knight and Bishop I don’t really like having two knights or two bishops, I personally find it is too easy to plan and predict their movements. However with a Knight and Bishop I’ve found in experience that people have a harder time to keep all the move patterns of both the bishop and the Knight together.

It may be your own personal choice to favor one or the other that is perfectly fine, just be cautious you don’t blind yourself to the other weapon in your arsenal, you could be throwing away victories on the account of not using your Knight or Bishop effectively.

The fact that people try to make that one is better than the other is nothing more than an illusion based on their own experiences and feelings.
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