The Best Defense is a Good Offense

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

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The best defense is a good offense, a Great defense beats a good offense a Great attack beats a great defense.

When learning the game of chess it really is best when you are trying to improve your game to stick with one opening you know for a while so you can improve your game, the opening is not chess it is just memorization, The real game of chess does not start until the you get 15, 20 moves in when things start to get complicated and you need to have a good working Calculator in your mind.

The Basic chess guides covers the three (3) questions you must ask before you move and after your opponent moves. It is really a simple basic concept that most do not stick to and if you did you wouldn't lose half as many games as you do.

It is all about Causalité

1 Player moves another player responds. Normally a White with the small advantage of moving 1st is the one who makes Black respond to Whites moves. Black can take that advantage away or if not played correctly or by design White can give that advantage away.

In truth I can think of many questions before I make move, I answer about their move 1st,
1st What is the point of the move?
2nd. What is the Immediate threat if any,?
3rd If there is no Immediate threat is there threat down the road?
4. Where did the Piece come from has it left anything behind or open up new options?
5. Was this their best move?
6. Is there a plan or are they re-acting to my previous move.

After I ascertain the point of their move and determine the threat, I Ask my self
1. Do I have to deal with this now, or do I have TIME.
If I have time I go ahead with my move.
If the answer is no – I plan a move that counter acts his plan but allows me to MAINTAIN my postion.

If the there is no immediate threat, I go to 3. I look where the piece come from can I exploit that or should I proceed with my Plan.
(Note: The plan is essential, you must have plan no matter what, to win a piece, to capture a queen, to free up space. To check mate e.g Doesn't matter what you need a plan)

The word is Prophylactic,
This how you must play your chess. Playing and moving to stop your opponents plan, while proceeding with yours. If you can stop an attack from happening you don't need to defend as you doing it automatically just by maintain your potential

I annotated one of my recent games on video and on the RHP Annotation and I will include both.
The annotation is in International.
So as a re-fresher.
e1 =51
pe4 = 5254
Bh8xRa1 = 8811
Qa8-h1 = 1881

The game link to the annotations page:

If after this you fail to understand then I have to leave it to the master. One of Joe's games from Chessmaster 9k covers this part well and also covers the quality of pieces and how they can change mid game. Also for those of you are more advance it explains when to trade down and when not to trade down.

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