Let's Stay in Touch on Social Networks!

Let's Stay in Touch on Social Networks!

Grandmaster Natalia Pogonina

Let's Stay in Touch on Social Networks!

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Hi! I just wanted to let you know how we can communicate on all sorts of social networks. Don't talk to impostors! ;-)

My official accounts:
Facebook: Account 1, Account 2, Account 3

You may also leave your contact details in the comments to this post so that it's easier for all of us to recognize each other!

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Comments (6)

  • Posted 3674 days 16 hours and 52 minutes ago
    Standard memberKellerBulldog
    Lovely picture. Glad to see a player of your caliber on RHP.
  • Posted 3711 days 7 hours and 47 minutes ago
    Standard memberdrlough
    Seems that Beauty and brains have come together here. Sometimes it happens and when it does it is amazing!
  • R
    Posted 3751 days 5 hours and 27 minutes ago
    Standard memberRemoved
  • Posted 3752 days 17 hours and 56 minutes ago
    Standard memberEager2Learn
    Hi Natalia, I am a happy healthy 50 year old player who just took up chess 3 years ago, mostly self taught mixed with the great and fabulous Chess Masters Tutorial systems from Josh Waitzkins and others. I have a very solid grip on why all the first ideas of owning centre square real estate is key; mobilising my four minor pieces and getting castled with having my rooks linked so as to find open or half open files to play upon. I find the pure common sense in this, no questions. But, I do wonder about how best to continue study of the game. Waitzkins had a coach that worked him through 2 years of end game scenarios until he was incredibly confident, then with that knowledge they went on to study the openings and middle after that.

    My question to you is this, would it be beneficial for me to study end game first? (It seems so much LESS daunting than all of the opening variations (billions now) or the middle game which would require complications from openings already in play.

  • Posted 3799 days 5 hours and 30 minutes ago
    Standard memberedwinredo
    I'm not up to speed on the 21st Century stuff, but nice to meet you and if I do have anything, I hope you don't think unkindly. I'm on facebook my name is edwin l. borden my user name edwinredo I redo everything on the computer. + in chess, I don't mind playing another game. many think it is ed-win-redo and think I'm a smarty. I don't mind, I enjoy a hard, well played game. I find the sacrifice as the most exciting part of chess so Tal has been my best book teacher next to Fischers games. as for computers and programs....I can tell when I playing one or not but I find then unhelpful they do a lot of in-between moves. thank you for you time.
  • Posted 3808 days 10 hours and 55 minutes ago
    Natalia, and don't forget http://www.facebook.com/RedHotPawn and http://twitter.com/redhotpawn, if you could share some love and post a link/like on your social networks, I would be grateful.

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